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Darsana Counselling Centre


Darsana Family Counselling Center

C/o Pavana Service Society Reg.264/84  

St.Josheph’s College Campus Irinjalakuda

Phone: 8547220401, 8593863403


Darsana   stands as a beacon in the face of the darkness in society and family. This center aims at bringing about peace and harmony, reducing crisis and problems, strengthening family ties, and developing skills to cope with familial issues. Timely counselling and support to lead a qualitative lifestyle will bring about a positive attitude and improvement in lifestyle. Last year was a year of tremendous achievements with the support and cooperation of the Management, Principal, and the dedicated service of three counselors and other staff who have extended a helping hand to many.  Rev. Sr. Elsy Kokkatt CHF (President), Rev. Sr. Ancy Paul (Director) and Rev. Sr. Sheela Kuriakose at the helm is the Executive Director of Darsana Family Counselling Centre.


Legal Counselor

Adv.Lina Joseph


Sr.Salin(Shijy K.P)


Miss Jiby Johny


The center provides a holistic approach to people who face various problems in society which is carried out by the professionally qualified persons.Sr.salinCHF MSW Specialized in Medical and psychiatric Social Work, Mrs.JibyJohny MSW Specialized in Medical and psychiatric Social Work , Adv.Lina Joseph Legal Counsellour,LLB,MBA.

The center helps in the eradication of personal and family issues and supports the following areas.

  • Personality development

  • Family Counselling

  • Psycho Therapeutic Counselling for mental illness

  • Supportive Therapy

  • Stress Relaxation Therapy

  • Pre-marital Counselling

  • Educational Guidance

  • Legal Counselling for women in divorce  case

  • Couple  Counselling

  • Counselling for marital, mal-adjustment problems.

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Counselling

  • Alcoholic Counselling

  • Behavior Modification

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy etc…

Awareness classes, Board meetings and periodical gatherings of various associations like AA group (Alcoholic Anonymous Group), those in need especially AIDS society and the underprivileged community.

AA Group

Individuals who attend AA group are counseled and encouraged to prevent alcohol intake. The counseling supports ongoing recovery in a multitude of ways which include mental support. Meetings of the 21 members are organized every Sunday from 6pm to 8 pm.

HIV Group

These group13 members organize meetings every month on first Saturdays bringing about relaxation and mental strength sharing their life experiences, food habits and physical conditions.

Our service is also extended to the Social Action  Forum institution at Irinjalakuda (Diocesesrinjalakuda) of extending counselling to SHG group members

Navachaydhaniya De-addiction center

Counselling is offered to the De-addiction center at Aloor.

Webinar Participation

Counselor attends seminars at different centers on a regular basis.

Online Webinars and classes webinars are organized on a regular basis by the center.

Tele-counselling for corona patients

Tele-counselling for corona patients was conducted during the lockdown and after that. 820 Telephone-counselling sessions have already been organized which increased the mental power of corona patients. 

Post corona patients

Counselling for post corona patients was an initiative by the center. 15 post corona patients were uplifted with the mental support of the center. 

Corona on going work

KCYM (Kerala Catholic Youth Movement) of Irinjalakuda diocese has organized 'Mithra' counselling service. 

Extra activities at the center

Environment Day Celebration

 Every year on June 5th World Environment Day is observed with poster making and quizzes with the themes 'Save the Earth' and ' Beat Plastic Pollution'. This day is observed to create worldwide awareness and to initiate actions to protect the environment. 

Social Work Day Celebration

World Social Work Day which falls on 17th March is the key day of the year where social workers worldwide unite to spread a common message globally. The year 2021 highlighted the theme 'Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships' with awareness classes. 

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

November 25th, the international day for the elimination of violence against women is observed with various initiatives. 

Human Rights Day

 Human rights day is observed every year on 10th December with webinars and seminars on the topic ' Human Rights'. 

World Mental Health Day

 World mental health day celebrated on October 10th is an event that represents a global commitment to raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. 

World AIDS Day

 World AIDS day highlights the urgent need to dispense the inequalities that are spread through AIDS and other pandemics. 

Girl Child Day

The international day of the child focuses attention on the challenges a girl child faces and promotes girl empowerment and the fulfillment of their dreams and rights.

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