Department of Biotechnology

PG Programme


This two year postgraduate programme focuses on the advanced knowledge of the application of biotechnology in various fields like agriculture, healthcare, industry etc. Biotechnology utilizes biological systems, living organisms or its parts to develop or create different products and it also grabs new possibility to make changes in the organisms' genetic material (DNA). The curriculum is a mixture of both theoretical and practical sessions that helps students learn the implementation of the subject. To encourage formation of research aptitude in students, a research project is included in the curriculum.

            M.Sc. in Biotechnology helps students in making a career in R&D or getting employed in companies like pharma and healthcare. Students who want to grab an opportunity to be associated with science and technology and contribute to the medical and pharma sector can choose M.Sc Biotechnology. The programme will help students acquire skills and technologies associated with advanced biological science. The programme will inculcate an innovative thinking and scientific reasoning among students.


Admission 2016 onwards

Admission 2017 onwards

Admission 2018-2019 onwards

Admission 2019 onwards

Admission 2020 onwards

Admission 2021 onwards

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Core Courses

Semester I

Cell biology, Microbiology, Biomolecule and biophysics 

Semester II

Metabolism and Basic Enzymology ,Molecular Biology, Environmental Biotechnology, Biostatistics and bioinformatics

Semester III

Genetic engineering, Immunology,Bioprocess Technology, Plant Biotechnology


Semester III

Stem Cell Biology Part A

Semester IV

Stem Cell Biology Part B, Industrial and Food Biotechnology

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