Department of Biotechnology

Sl.No Type Year Title Period Investigators Funding Amount Funding Agency Status Project Report
1 Major 2014-2015 Identification and isolation of novel secondary metabolites from in vitro roots of Withania coagulance and Withania somnifera 2014-2017 Dr. Sr. Viji M O 1780600 KSCSTE Completed


2 Minor 2014-2015 A study on the molecular mechanism of the responses evoked by Cycleapeltata (Lam) Hook. f. Thoms against oxidative stress 2014-2016 Dr. Viji Mary Varghese 185000 UGC Completed


3 Minor 2014-2015 Studies on the possibility of Indian medicinal plants with reported cognitive enhancing property as source of drug for Alzheimer’s disease by invitro screening for Acetylcholine esterase inhibitory effect, phyto chemistry and antioxidant property 2014-2016 Dr. Kavitha .O 145000 UGC Completed


4 Minor 2014-2015 Pharmacognostic profile of leaves and roots of Cyclea peltata (Lam) Hook. f. Thoms. 2014-2016 Dr. Sr. Viji M O 160000 UGC Completed


5 Minor 2013-2014 Analysis of Abundance and Diversity of Planktons with special reference to Biological and Physico-chemical parameters of Chalakudy River, Kerala: Impacts of anthropogenic activities 2013-2015 Dr. Naijil George 200000 UGC Completed


6 Minor 2015-2016 Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using in vitro derived Callus Extract of Withania sominifera Poshita variety 2015-2016 Dr. Sr. Viji M O 7000 KSCSTE Completed


7 Minor 2016-2017 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Curcuma angustifolia rhizome extracts and analysis of antimicrobial and cytotoxic potential (student project) 2016-2017 Dr. Sr. Viji M O 10000 KSCSTE Completed


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