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The Post-Graduate Course began in the year 2014. It is a 2 year  postgraduate degree programme.The Students will  be able to interpret the plant life through  various perspectives and  the relationship of the plant kingdom with the environment.The programme develops skills in various fields like microbial techniques, cultivation  and identification of plants, preparation  of  biofertilizers, handling of instruments and research skills.. By accquiring knowledge, students could be competent enough to face the competitive exams at national /state level (UGC-NET, CSIR/ SET etc.) and academic excellence with an aptitude for higher studies and research. In addition, the programme develops scientific tools to facilitate the students to design and carryout the biological experiments and to interpret data to give meaningful solution and recommendations. The specialization of PG programme in Genetic engineering and Environmental biology and biodiversity conservation. By applying the acquired scientific knowledge, students could give solutions to lead a healthy life, protect the environment.


MSc Botany Syllabus 2020(onwards)

MscBotany Syllabus 2019

MSc Botany Syllabus 2018

MSc Botany Syllabus 2017

MSc Botany Syllabus 2016  

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Code BOT
Department Botany
Course System Semester
No. of Seats 12
Course Type Self-Financing
Eligibility BSc Botany
Duration Two Years
Status Regular


Integrated M.Sc biology programme is a five year programme under choice based credit and semester system. This is the first ever MSc Integrated Biology course offered by a women’s college under the University of Calicut. The Syllabus of the Foundation Programme aims to inculcate and develop scientific research temper among students. Since this programme covers the entire CSIR syllabus, the students after completing this course can clear various national and international level competitive exams and grab a bright carrier with international standards.  The programme follows language reduced patterns with  General courses; Biochemistry, Environmental science and water management, Biotechnology and Genetics. The core courses include Biomolecules, Ecology biodiversity and conservation biology, Principles of taxonomy and Research methodology, Physiology, Molecular biology and Bioinformatics, Cell biology, Developmental biology, Microbiology, Evolutionary biology, Immunology and the Elective core courses include Drug design and gene therapy, stem cell and regenerative medicine, Cancer biology. The complementary courses for the programme are Statistics and Chemistry which will also help the students in analyzing the data during their research. This programme helps the students to understand and develop technical skills in biological science especially biochemistry, biotechnology, bioinformatics and biostatistics. Since this field is an application oriented field, focus is also given in providing practical knowledge by conducting various laboratory experiments.

The syllabus focuses on realist approach whereby application of theoretical concepts is imparted with substantial coverage of practical and field works. The attempt is to prepare the students for lifelong learning by drawing attention to the vast world of knowledge in various branches of Biology.

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