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Training class on coconut shell products ( Extra Curricular )

Jul 21 , 2022

Organized by Y WE COM

Research department of commerce organized hands on training class as a part of Y WE COM to train the B.Com students to create beautiful handicrafts, from coconut shells that most people consider waste. 'Y WE COM stands for Young Women Entrepreneurs of Commerce. The main aim of Y WE COM is to train young women to become capable of being independent financially and to make them ready to enter the real world where women face discrimination against their gender in many ways. 

The class was taken at the third B.Com classroom. The session was started with a silent prayer followed by welcome speech by Ms.Jisa Johny. Ms. Prabitha. P.P. was the resource person. She is an alumna of the department. She brought coconut shells and necessary tools to demonstrate the process. The students also brought coconut shells as required. The process of making a beautiful flower from coconut shells was described and demonstrated well.  YouTube videos were played on the interactive panel to make the students understand better. 

In the end, doubts were asked and answered. Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms.Alteena Baby. Student's reaction was exciting as everyone attended the class with great interest. These types of classes are the ones that young women need so that they could stand on their own two feet.

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