Department of Economics

PG Programme

  1. MA Economics course offers a comprehensive understanding of relevant theories and current economic issues giving you an opportunity to prepare you for job profiles that demand numerical, analytical and problem solving skills such as financial management, market research, business planning, budgeting, and resource allocation. Globalization and the merging of the world economy   have further enhanced the job prospects. The programme offers training in the understanding and critical evaluation of economic policy issues, design and solutions, their foundation in the evolution of economic theory and methods, as well as critical discussion of the application of policy design to real-world problems. It offers distinctive   core modules that enable students to engage with debates in Economic theory and policy in advanced as well as developing regions. It also provides a programme structure that develops qualitative and quantitative research capabilities.

  2. SYLLABUS 2016
  3. SYLLABUS 2017
  4. SYLLABUS 2018
  5. SYLLABUS 2019
  6. SYLLABUS 2020

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