Department of Economics

UG Programme


STATUS: Regular

                                                    Core Courses

I Semester 

    Microeconomics - I

II Semester 

    Microeconomics - II

III  Semester 

    Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis - I

    Modern Banking and Insurance    

IV  Semester 

    Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis - II

    Computer Application for Economic Analysis

 V  Semester 

    Macroeconomics - I

     India’s EconomicDevelopment: National and Regional 

      Economics of Capital Market

      International Economics

      Project Work(to be continued in V sem)

  Open course :        Banking

VI  Semester 

    Macroeconomics - II 

       Public Finance

      Development Economics

    Economics of Business and Finance(Elective)


       Project Work

                              Complementary Courses

I Semester

Essentials of Economics: Micro

II Semester

Essentials of Economics: Macro

III Semester

Essentials of Economics: Money, Banking, Finance and Trade

IV Semester

Essentials of Economics: Indian Economy


2016 Admission onwards

2017 Admission onwards

2018 Admission onwards

2019 Admission onwards

2020 Admission onwards

PO, PSO,CO of course Click here

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