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Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences

The Centre for research in Mathematical Sciences is the  centre for higher research in mathematics affiliated to University of Calicut.  Centre was sanctioned in December 2002. Prof. T. Thrivikraman, Former Head, Department of Mathematics was the Director during 2003 to 2008. As a prelude to the establishment of this centre, Workshops/ Seminars/Conferences/Faculty Development Programme in topics of Mathematical Sciences were regularly organized with the collaboration of  research  promoting institutes such as International Mathematical Union(IMU) Germany, National Board For Higher Mathematics (NBHM) Department of Atomic Energy, Govt of India, UGC, Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India, Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, National Centre of Mathematics ( A joint Venture of TIFR and IIT Bombay), Science Academies Bangalore. 

In addition to the Central Library of the college, a Research Library is maintained in the department with more than 650 books on Research area that include the books  supplemented by National Board for Higher Mathematics(Department of Atomic Energy,Govt. of India).   

A Computational Lab with mathematical software installed is available for Research works in computational area.

Thrust Area  :   Topology, Lie Algebra, Distribution Theory, Lattice Theory, Sheaf Theory, Cryptography, Fuzzy Mathematics, Graph Theory, Queuing Theory

Research Supervisors

  1. Dr. Mangalambal N. R. (Retired)(Associate Professor, St. Joseph's College, Irinajalakuda) (Retired)
  2. Dr. Lilly P. L. (Sr. Christy) (Retired)(Associate Professor, St. Joseph's College, Irinajalakuda) (Retired) - Profile
  3. Dr. Seena (Assistant Professor, Christ College Irinjalakuda) - Profile
  4. Dr. Fijy Jose P (Assistant Professor, St. Joseph's College, Irinajalakuda) - Profile
  5. Dr. Sabna K. S. ( Assistant Professor, K.K. T. M. Govt. College Pullut, Kodungallor) - Profile
  6. Dr. Pravas K. ( Assistant Professor, K.K.T.M. Govt. College Pullut, Kodungallor) - Profile

Intake Capacity  :  16

No of Present Research Scholars : 3

No. of Ph. D. awarded  :  9

No of Papers Published : 120 Click here

No of Seminar/Workshops/Conferences organized : 20 Click here



Title with Thesis Link


Geetha K. V. ,

Part Time Scholar

Associate Professor,

St. Joseph's College Irinjalakuda , 

Integral transforms and Generalized functions


Rani M. J.,

Part Time Scholar

Associate Professor,

St. Joseph's College, Irinjalakuda

 Study of Fuzzy sets on Latticesand Some Applications 


 P. L. Antony,

Part Time Scholar

Associate Professor,

St. Thomas College Thrissur

Fuzzy lie Algebra 


Joju K. T.,

Full time Scholar (FIP)

Associate Professor,

Prajyothi Nikethan College Pudukkad

Design and Analysis of some Cryptographic Graph Function 


Saju M. I,

Part Time Scholar

Assistant Professor,

St. Thomas College Thrissur

 Algebraic Extension Fields over Finite Fields and Their Applications  to Cryptography


Sabna K. S. 

Full Time Scholar (FIP)

Assistant Professor

KKTM College Pullut, Kodungaloor

 A study on properties of Locales , Action of Locales and its applications 


Mary Elizabeth Antony

Part Time Scholar

Assistant Professor

MA college Kothamangalam, Ernakulam

 A study on properties of L-slices, morphism class of L-slices and generalized locales


 Deepthi A. N.

Part time Scholar

Assistant Professor

SN College Nattika

 Some Integral Transforms of Hyperfunctions and Their properties


Vibitha Kochamani

Full Time  Scholar

St. Joseph's College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda

 Some Hash Functions Using Cayley Graphs

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