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Intercollegiate Interschool Math Quiz ( Academic )

Audience: HSS and College level students

Nov 07 , 2022

Quiz Master : Dr. Boby P Mathew St. Thomas College Pala

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Remedial Coaching classes started ( Academic )

Audience: Students from B. Sc. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

Oct 15 , 2022

For weak students in mathematics by Alumnae

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Invited talk on higher education opportunities in Mathematics ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: PG students

Oct 07 , 2022

By Prof. Sunil Jacob John, NIT Calicut

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SIM Club Inauguration and Merit day 2022 ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Mathematics Family

Sep 28 , 2022

Inaugurated by Dr. Rani M. J. Vice principal Sahrdaya College of advanced studies

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Invited lecture on ( Academic )

Sep 28 , 2022

By Dr. Narayanan, Assistant Professor, St. Aloysius college Elthuruth

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Convocation - Value added course of 2021-22 ( Academic )

Audience: II B. Sc. Mathematics and III B. Sc. Mathematics

Sep 20 , 2022

Mathematical game designing using python

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M. Sc. Math - Fresher's 2022 ( Academic )

Audience: PG Mathematics students

Sep 13 , 2022

Organized by II M. Sc. Mathematics students

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Reelonam Competition ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Open to all

Sep 06 , 2022

in connection with Onam celebration by Math Department in online mode

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Invited talk on Automation ( Academic )

Aug 29 , 2022

by Mr. Ajeesh Davis, Senior workload automation specialist, Kyndryl India PVT LTD

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Aloha -B. Sc. Fresher's day 2022 ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: UG Mathematics students

Aug 22 , 2022

By UG Math Students

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Collage making competition 2022 ( Academic )

Audience: Mathematics Family

Aug 10 , 2022

in connection with Pythagoras day

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Career opportunities in Statistics ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: B. Sc. Mathematics and B. A Economics students

Jul 08 , 2022

By Ms Greeshma S, Statistical Investigator, Department of Economics and Statistics, Thrissur

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Nature Photography Competition ( Extra Curricular )

Jun 05 , 2022

Math Beauty in Nature by Department of Mathematics

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Social Service Programme by III B. Sc. Mathematics ( Social )

Audience: III B. Sc. Mathematics

Apr 12 , 2022

To Abhayabhavan Porathissery

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Outreach programme by IIB. Sc. mathematics 2022 ( Social )

Audience: II B. Sc. Mathematics

Apr 07 , 2022

Karunalayam home for dying destitute, Mundampalam, Thrikkakkara,Kochi

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