Microbiology and Forensic Science

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Forensic Puzzle week ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Open to Public

Jun 01 , 2020

Department of Microbiology & Forensic Science students created an opportunity to the general public, academicians and students to evaluate their forensic skills by arranging a forensic Puzzle week started from June 1st 2020 with a puzzle shared every...

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Legale 2020 ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Open to Public

Mar 05 , 2020

A Fiesta of Forensic Puzzles, Crime Scene Investigation & Detective Movies

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Invited lecture on Criminal Justice System- Gender Equivalency based talk ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Students of B.Voc Applied Microbiology & Forensic Science

Jan 14 , 2020

An International Event honoring International Criminal Justice Excellence Award Recipient Dhanya Babu 2019 of USA. & an interactive session on the various experiences of the LGBT equivalency

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Forensic Day Celebration ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Open to Public

Mar 05 , 2019

An exhibition showcasing different aspects of Forensics

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