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Research Publications
Sl.No Type Year Title Published by Level Index Database Author
1 Article 2020-2021 Sustainability and life cycle assessments of lignocellulosic and algal pretreatments. Bioresource Technology, 301, 122678. IMPACT FACTOR: 9.03 Bioresource Technology, 301, 122678. International Scopus, Web of Science Rebello, S., Anoopkumar, A. N., Aneesh, E. M., Sindhu, R., Binod, P., & Pandey, A. (2020).
2 Article 2020-2021 A novel intervention on the inhibiting effects of Catunaregam spinosa induced free radical formation and DNA damage in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae): a verdict for new perspectives on microorganism targeted vector control approach. International journal of tropical insect science. Publisher: Springer, Singapore International Scopus, Web of Science Anoopkumar, A. N., Rebello, S., Sudhikumar, A. V., Puthur, S., & Aneesh, E. M. (2020).
3 Papers 1999-2000 Berberine as an adjuvant response modifier during tumour therapy in mice Pharmacy & Pharmacology communications.5:697-700 International na K.V Anis,G.Kuttan & R.Kuttan
4 Papers 2000-2001 Inhibition of chemical carcinogenesis by berberine Journal of Pharmacy and pharmacy 53:763-768 International na K.V Anis,N.V Rajesh Kumar & Ramadasankuttan
5 Papers 2012-2013 A study on Vitamin C and Citrus fruits Vistas Vol.2. N01. pp 54-58 ISSN:2319-5770 International na K.V.Anis.
6 Papers 2012-2013 Comparative study of soil of Sacred groves and normal field ISBN:978-93-83842-03-2 International na K.V.Anis and Baby J.Alappat
7 Papers 2015-2016 A Study on the diversity of dragonflies of Irinjalakuda. VISTAS 5(1), 29-34 (ISSN: 2319-5770, e-ISSN 2394-1138) International na Gigi Poulose, RakhiRadhakrishnan, Jesmi P.J., Navya Pious.
8 Papers 2014-2015 Expression profile of bio-defence genes in Penaeusmonodongills in response to formalin inactivated white spot syndrome virus vaccine N. S. Sudheer, Gigi Poulose, Ancy Thomas, KironViswanath, Amod Kulkarni, R. B. Narayanan, Rosamma Philip, I. S. Bright Singh International na Antiviral Research 117, 60-68
9 Papers 2012-2013 Multiple immune gene analysis by RT-PCR in Penaeusmonodon, Fabricius VISTAS 2(1), 74-77 (ISSN: 2319-5770) International na Gigi Poulose, A. Mohandas, I. S. Bright Singh, Rosamma Philip
10 Papers 2011-2012 . Lymphoid organ cell culture system from Penaeusmonodon(Fabricius, 1798) as a platform for white spot syndrome virus and shrimp immune related gene expression Journal of Fish Diseases 35(5), 321-334. International na Seena Jose, P Jayesh, N S Sudheer, Gigi Poulose, A Mohandas, Rosamma Philip, I S Bright Singh.
11 Papers 2013-2014 Larvicidal efficacy of Callistemon citrinusSkeels., against Culexquinquefasciatus(Diptera: Culicidae)., Asia Pacific Journal of Research 3(2) :99-104 International na Misvar Ali K and E. M. Aneesh.
12 Papers 2013-2014 Bioecology and vectorial capacity of Aedes mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Irinjalakuda Municipality, Kerala, in relation to disease transmission International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review 2(4) 43-49 International na MisvarAli,Asha. A. V., Aneesh E. M
13 Article 2017-2018 Larvicidal activity of essential oil of Etlingera fenzlii (Kurz) Skronick. & M. Sabu (Zingiberaceae) - The honey bee repellent endemic plant species of the Andaman Nicobar Islands. Plant Science Today International EBSCO Anju S, Aneesh E M, Radha R K.
14 Papers 2016-2017 Recent advancements in the production and application of microbial pectinases: an overview. Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology, 16(3), 381-394. International Scopus Rebello, S., Anju, M., Aneesh, E. M., Sindhu, R., Binod, P., & Pandey
15 Papers 2016-2017 Molecular advancements in the development of thermostablephytases ApplMicrobiolBiotechnol 101: 2677. DOI:10.1007/S00253-017-8195-7. International Scopus Rebello, S., Jose, L., Sindhu, R., Aneesh E M
16 Papers 2017-2018 Hypericum japonicum: a Double-Headed Sword to Combat Vector Control and Cancer Applied biochemistry and biotechnology International Scopus Sreedev P, AnoopKumar A N, Rebello S, Aneesh E M
17 Papers 2017-2018 Biosynthesis and Technological Advancements of Biosurfactants. In: Varjani S., Parameswaran B., Kumar S., Khare S. (eds) Biosynthetic Technology and Environmental Challenges. Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Springer, International Scopus Rebello S., Aneesh E.M., Sindhu R., Binod P., Pandey A
18 Papers 2016-2017 .Screening of a Few traditionally used Medicinal Plants for their Larvicidal Efficacy against Aedesaegypti Linn (Diptera: Culicidae), a Dengue Fever Vector. SOJ Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 5(4): 1-5. International na Anoopkumar AN, Sreedev P, SharrelRebello,Aneesh EM.
19 Papers 2016-2017 Life Cycle, Bio-ecology and DNA Barcoding of mosquitoes Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) and Aedes albopictus (Skuse) Journal of communicable diseases. 49 (3): 32-41. International na Anoopkumar A.N, Puthur S, Varghese P., Sharrel Rebello, Aneesh.E.M.
20 Papers 2016-2017 Indian Fresh Water Zooplankton: A Review Int J Recent Sci Res. 8(10), pp. 20999-21015. International na Fathibi KFathibi K., Aneesh E.M and Ambalaparambil Vasu Sudhikumar.
21 Papers 2014-2015 Larvicidal efficacy of Piper longum fruit extract against Aedesaegypti, a dengue fever vector Vistas.,4(1), 123-127 International na VinuRajan P.K, Sreedev.P, Misvar Ali K and Aneesh E.M.,

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