Events 2018-2019

Com Expo 2k19 ( Extra Curricular )

Feb 22 , 2019

Inauguration of production house

Com Expo 2k19

The various creativity ideas of the students were identified and they were asked to do their work and the same was exhibited in portico and these products were offered for sale. The production house inauguration was inaugurated by Ms. Mangala and Kochurani who were the retirees of that academic year on January 19th 2019.The main products were


People lighten candle not only for religious purpose but also as a decor item. Candle making is one of the most popular businesses for beginners as it is very easy to start. We have chosen candle because of the following reasons:

·         The process of manufacturing this item is simple and do not require machinery to manufacture the candles.

·         Demand for the candles is throughout the year.

Raw materials required: Paraffin wax, wick, yarn, decorative items, fragrance, melting pot, pour pot, thermometer, weighing scale, hammer, gas stove etc


 Homemade Chocolates have evergreen demand among teachers and students. They are simple and easy to make. They are used in special occasions like birthday parties etc. We are ready to provide special discounts for bulk purchases .The raw materials required are :

Coco powder

Condensed milk

Chocolate bar

Sugar powder

Flavouring substance etc


Costume jewelry accounts the highest market share in the jewellery industry. Because of the low price every class of the people can buy this item. Students can comfortably buy necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles et al. It is indeed a viable and profitable business. As a student, you can conveniently combine this type of business with your studies without stress.


·         Dream catcher

·         Wall hangings

·         Pomp pomps

·         Dry flowers

·         Photo frames etc



The nations with women entrepreneurs are economically stronger and better than those nations with low women contributions in the economy. Through this project we are trying to empower the girls of our college and enable them to stand in their own foot. We also aim in the development of entrepreneurial skills, innovative skills, marketing skills, creativity etc. The profit earned from this project is utilised for charity. Through this, the service mentality among the students will be improved

Name of the students with class

Coordinator: Salna .E.S

1.      Salna E.S – 3 DC B com

2.      Lakshmi Priya-2 DC B com

3.      Akshaya Sivaraman-2 DC B com

4.      Aiswarya V.S -2 DC B com

5.      Sandra Sebastian -1 DC B com

6.      Jusaina.M.J -3 DC B com

7.      Anna Bright -1 DC B com

Category of target group :

·         College community

·         General public



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