Events 2021-2022

Enthusia Participation ( Extra Curricular )

Audience: Public

Aug 15 , 2021

"A team of cadets secured 8th position among 37+ colleges , with 524 points in ENTHUSIA 2.0 ( SSB inspired competitions ) conducted by M.E.S KALLADI COLLEGE . PARTICIPANTS:- 1. SUO KRISHNAPRIYA S 2. JUO ANN MARY WILSON 3. CQMS MERIN SEBASTIAN 4. CPL SELIN A J 5. CDT AYANA JOSHY"

                                                           ENTHUSIA 2.0

ENTHUSIA 2.0, an SSB inspired intercollegiate competition conducted
on 7th & 8th August 2021 by NCC(Army & Navy) of MES Kalladi College,
Mannarkad via the online platform. The competition was team-based, with each
team containing a maximum of 5 members. The NCC cadets of St.
Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda, participated with great
enthusiasm and curiosity to explore and test their own skills.

They had a total of 5 events:
1. Quiz
2. Picture perception and description test
3. Situation reaction test
4. Self-description test
5. Debate
The cadets of St Joseph’s College(Autonomous), Irinjalakuda,
participated with great effort and proudly secured 8th position among
37+ colleges, with 524points.

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