Events 2021-2022

Homage to the bravehearts ( Social )

Audience: Public

Dec 10 , 2021

Lighted candles in memory of all brave hearts whom we lost on 8 December Helicopter crash.


Ncc cadets of StJoseph'scollege irinjalakuda had conducted a ceremonial
tribute to the brave hearts of those who had lost their lives in the tragic chopper
accident on 8th Dec 2021. Cadets and other college students joined their
hands for this humble honor. The ceremony was held on 10th December 2021.
Rev.Sr.Dr.AshaTherese inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the candle and
passed on the same to our CQMS Aiswarya K M and followed the entire
students. The program in college ended with a short silent prayer for all the
brave hearts we lost and for their families. And also as a tribute to our
fallen soldiers cadets lighten candles in their homes and created a video like
passing the lightened candles. And a poster made like a collage of cadets holding
the lighted candle and uploaded on social media.

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