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INSPIRE 2017 -Induction Programme ( Academic )

Jul 10 , 2017

INSPIRE 2017 -Induction Programme

Department of Social Work organized an Induction Programme named ‘Inspire’ for 1st Semester MSW students on 10th to 14th July 2017. Different topics were covered through various sessions. The sessions were  ‘Department of Social Work at a Glance' by Dr. Sr. Jessy K. C, 'Introducing the Institution' by Ms. Princy Paul, ‘Motivation - An Entry to Professional Social Work' by Mr. K. Raju, Section Forest Officer, Machad Forest Range, Thrissur Division), ‘Social Work Perspective for Development’ by Mr. Karthik Sasi, Programme Officer, G, Rmanujan Institute for Labour Studies, Trivandrum, ‘Role of Social Worker in Medical Setting' by Ms. Princy Paul,  ‘Women Empowerment ‘by Ms. Ambi Joseph, Research Consultant, Kerala State Women Commission, ‘Role of Social Worker in Psychiatric Setting' by Ms. Princy Paul, ‘Application of Theory to Field Work/ Documentation’ by Ms. Jiny George V, ‘How to Deal with Crime'- Mr. M. Rama Chandran, Assistant Sub Inspector , Kerala Police Academy, Ramavarmapuram, ‘Experience Sharing of 'Sabareeya' Field Action Project on ‘Cyber Crimes and Cyber Ethics’ by Zahara K. S and Nicy Joy , 4thSem MSW Students, ‘Reflective Communication’, by Ms. Priya Antony, ‘Counseling - An Emerging Area of Social Work Practice' by Ms. Sunitah K. V, ‘Team Work Traits' by Ms. Resmi Ramachandran ' and Studentship Motivation’ by  Ms. Bindu Davis. 

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