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Sep 16 , 2021

save ozone

                        INTERNATIONAL OZONE DAY 
International ozone day is celebrated annually on 16 September. To keep in check substances that deplete the Ozone layer, a deal named Montreal Protocol was signed by almost every country in the year 1987, and subsequently, in, 1994, the UN General Assembly proclaimed this day as International Ozone Day. The theme for the 2021 International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer is “Montreal Protocol”- ‘keeping us, our food, and vaccines cool’. To mark the significance of the International
Ozone Day, the Ncc Cadets of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda, organized a virtual treat on 16th September 2021.
As a part of the International Ozone day celebrations, the Ncc cadets prepared a video on the significance of the ozone layer. The video explains the ozone layer, the causes of its depletion, and the solutions to preserve it. It also includes news reports related to Ozone layer depletion and its effects on
our lives. The cadets also prepared a poster giving the importance of Ozone day. Through this Ozone day, the cadets reminded everyone about the importance of the ozone layer to our survival on earth.

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