Events 2017-2018

National congress on Human Rights ( Others )

Audience: Students & Faculty from various colleges in Kerala

Nov 22 , 2017

Smt.Dayabai, noted activist and social worker inaugurated the congress and addressed the audience.

1.      A National Congress on Human Rights was conducted on 22nd November 2017 which was inaugurated by Smt. Dayabai, noted activist and social worker in the country and the programme benefitted a large number of student participants from other colleges. The programme witnessed the participation of an enthusiastic group of students and faculty from other colleges and the neighbouring community. An intercollegiate short film competition on Human Rights was conducted and cash prizes were distributed to the students who won the first and second positions.

Smt.Dayabai spoke about her experiences of resistance and survival and emphasized  the importance of right  awareness in demanding one's rights.There was an active session of interaction in which the participants  shared their sentiments and clarified their doubts.

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