Fine Arts

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club of the college is the platform upon which the artistic as well as the aesthetic talents of our students are brought out. The function of the club is to enable the students to prove their mettle in the world of art and literature. The multifarious talents of the students are showcased through various programmes.

The club functions under the guidance of a committee of faculty members which is headed by a convenor. A Fine Arts secretary is elected by the entire student body, who co-ordinates the activities of the club. The college offers many opportunities to the students to exhibit their talents right from the beginning of every academic year.  A Talent Seeking programme is conducted to spot out the intrinsic talents of the freshers. The College Fine Arts Festival is conducted on an annual basis and competitions are held to trace out artists to represent the college in various arts festivals outside the campus. The selected students are professionally trained by competent masters, to represent the college in the competitions held at the D-Zone and the Inter-Zone University Arts competitions.The functions of the club culminate with the cultural fiesta during the Annual College Day celebrations.

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