Learn with Nature
‘The Green Campus, Clean Campus’ practice has now been expanded into a larger umbrella, ‘Learn With Nature’, incorporating the initiatives of the Nature and Biodiversity Clubs and encouraging students to go beyond the campus for green and clean drives. Trains students to become protectors of Nature, and make a difference to the endangered Planet Earth. Promotes awareness on environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, energy depletion, water scarcity, waste accumulation, etc. Translates classroom – knowledge into life – application. Sets up a clean environment for healthy living. Complies with the initiative of the government, and participate in the nation – building process. Environment has also been made a part of the curriculum since the implementation of autonomy, whereby students are offered short – term certificate courses for add-on education.
  • The institution maintains a checklist of the following:
    • Consumption of electricity and Solar Energy in the campus
    • Integration of measures for renewable energy and conservation of energy
    • Usage of Rainwater Harvesting System
    • Facility information such as number of users and functions
    • Feedback mechanism from facility users
    • Conduct of green audit (Water, energy, waste management, green) with internal and registered external agency
  • Cionscientisation talks & seminars are conducted with the assistance of experts and resource persons
  • Environment related activities, cleaning campaigns are organized by associations like NSS, Nature Club, Biodiversity club, Department Associations etc.
  • Planting and greening drives are undertaken
  • Active participation in the Swatch Bharat, Save Energy Campaigns and the Haritha Keralam Project of the Kerala Govt.
  • Release of the manuscript ‘Haritha’ & ‘Thusharam’
  • De-plasticised campus where use  of plastic bags, cups and plates are restricted
  • Campus divided into Zones and entrusted to various departments for cleaning and greening
  • Green Campus with fruit trees, ornamental plants, medicinal garden, botanical garden, & space for cultivation of crops and organic farming
  • Celebration of World Environment Day, World Forest Day, Wetland Day, Ozone Day & Clean – up Days
  • Production and sale of bio-control agents, bio – pesticides, & bio – fertilizers
  • Distribution of Paper Bags
  • Composting
  • Mushroom Cultivation from wastes
  • Timely disposal of all types of waste after sorting biodegradable and non- biodegradable wastes
  • Solar energy upgradation
  • A Green Brigade has been set up for active Nature Club members
  • Celebration of environment protection week every year with activities like seminars, poster competition, Elocution, awareness programs about the importance of conservation of air, water, soil, ecosystem etc.
  • A course on Environment protection is offered to the 3rd & 4th semester students.
  • URVARA – a project of organic farming , Plantain @ Home program and Save Energy Campaign by the NSS Volunteers


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