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This institution has four already approved research centers. These centers were sanctioned by and affiliated to the University of Calicut. The following table furnishes the present status of the research Centers:



Functioning since 2002


Functioning since 2010


Functioning since 2012


Functioning since 2012

Zoology (CDRL)

Functioning Since 2013

The college has a fully functional research promotion centre called GRACE (Guidance for Research and Assistance for Consultancy and Extension) operating since 2004 augmenting the promotion and development of research activities and research excellence of the college. It also serves as a forum for the discussion of ideas, issues and opportunities that concern research on the campus.

The centre brings out an annual multidisciplinary peer reviewed national research journal of ISSN identity named VISTAS which is a compilation of the research papers, reviews and articles produced by the faculty and researchers of the college. Research based contributions from external sources also find their place in the journal. The journal promotes research activities among students of the college also by organizing Methodology and Trends-guidance Workshops and quiz and presentation contests. Its functions stretch also to consultancy and extension undertakings like project preparations and guidance, and collaboration with research oriented projects undertaken by other institutions and organizations. It renders regular consultancy assistance to the faculty in managing their minor and major projects. 

The composition of the Center is as shown below:

Convener Principal
Joint Convener Vice Principals
Executive Members nominated by the Convener :
Faculty of Sciences Two Faculty Members
Faculty of Literature & Humanities Two Faculty Members
Faculty of Commerce & Management Two Faculty Members

The Centre has so far put up the following recommendations and the recommendations created the following impact when implemented:

  1. The first recommendation the Centre made was that the entire campus must view it as the primary link between the faculty research interests and the research agencies funding, sponsoring and publishing research related projects and results. As a result it came to be accepted as the chief mechanism for support and mentoring by the early career researchers working for their PhD or M.Phil. When the recommendation was accepted and implemented, the result was of course encouraging. Of late, the entire faculty on the campus has been feeling that teaching is not confined to teaching alone, but it extends to research too.
  2. Publication of the Journal was a 2006 recommendation of GRACE and this was implemented in 2007. By way of impact it served as an impetus for the faculty to write research papers and articles and we found this reflected in the quality and quantity of papers the faculty produced soon after the recommendation was implemented.
  3. Consultancy Assistance to the faculty for Project preparation was a recommendation that the centre made in 2007 and this was implemented in 2008. Accordingly the researcher-faculties were relieved of their clerical and accounting burdens in connection with the project they had undertaken, and these tasks were undertaken by Grace. The researchers then were left entirely to research and this was a very widely welcomed move on the campus. The impact was that a number of new faculty members came forward to take up projects and the number and outlay of the projects done in the college went up considerably. And so was the number of publications too. This year onwards, the Centre has thought of taking up patenting formalities for the faculty who would like to obtain this right for their inventions.
  4. The Centre was asked to take up funding enquiry for Research Centers, and accordingly it got in touch with the Directorate for Science and Technology which sanctioned Rs. 27 lakhs for research infrastructure development in 2009 for our research centers in Chemistry and Mathematics.
  5. It was again Grace which came up with the PG Diploma Course in Cryptography attached to the Department of Mathematics as a UGC innovative PG program. The proposal was taken up with the UGC and under the Innovative Program in Emerging Areas Scheme; the course was sanctioned during the XI Plan with a grant of Rs. 55 lakhs in all.
  6. Grace is now busy preparing project report for opening up PG program and research centre at the Department of Botany inspired by the Department’s considerable research faculty potential for these up-gradations.
  7. With the tireless efforts of Grace, the research publication of the college renamed as VISTAS has since obtained ISSN identity.

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