Research Policy

Research Policy


St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda, is committed  provide and a quality research culture in the institution. The Research Policy of the Institution provides standard norms for conducting research in an effective and safe manner.  The policy   aims to contribute to capacity building by encouraging the scientific temper and research aptitude of the faculty and students and by implementing advanced research methodologies. The policy helps to realise the Vision of the Institution of ‘Empowering women’ through excellence in research.

The policy may apply to

All the faculty, temporary or permanent, who wish to pursue Research

All the staff appointed as part of Research Projects

All the students who are engaged in research as part of their curriculum

Responsibility in the Conduct of Research


St. Joseph’s College, advocates high standard of responsibility and ethical conduct from all persons engaged in higher research.  Faculty, students and visitors should in all aspects of their research activity:

·         Demonstrate integrity and competence, objectivity and justice, and intellectual honesty

·         Effectively and transparently manage conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest

·         Confirm the safety and well-being of those associated with the research

·         Record and publish their methods and results in ways that are open to scrutiny and debate.

·         Publication of the research in international, peer reviewed and indexed journals with good impact factor is expected.

·         Malpractices including plagiarism are strictly prohibited

Committee for  Promotion of Research

To assist the young researchers, an academic research committee GRACE (Guidance for Research and Assistance for Consultancy and Extension)  is established. Responsibilities of the committee include promotion of organising seminars by various departments, giving awareness to departments in procuring funds from various National and International agencies, publication of the journal VISTAS and organising felicitation to research  achievers.


Promotion of Research  

·      Institution publishes a multidisciplinary journal, VISTAS, to encourage academicians and students, in their higher research and to provide a site for exposition of their findings

·         For encouraging emerging researchers, college invites research proposals from the faculty every alternative year and provides research grant for a maximum of 2 years for selected proposals. Funding from external agencies for the same project, if received, will lead to termination of the financial assistance from the college.

·         The college promotes and encourages the faculty members and scholars to present their work in International conferences. As travel grant, a maximum sum of Rs. 10,000 will be provided to the faculty members who are invited for delivering lectures in National/International conferences or to present their findings in International Conferences. .

·         College organises regular faculty development programs in the form of workshops, training and orientation talks and the expenses are met by the management.

·         For inculcating research aptitude among students, selected students from Science, Arts, Commerce departments will be given financial assistance for innovative projects.

·         In order to facilitate interdisciplinary research and to provide access to advanced research equipment, the Institution shall have a central instrumentation facility. A supervisor shall have the responsibility of the centre and it will be open for all the researchers every working day from 9:00 AM to 5 PM


·         College provides assistance for project work to students from other institutions.           They should acknowledge the college in their publications.

·         At the end of each academic year, an evaluation process, named ‘Teacher’s Mirror’ is conducted by the Institution that measures all the achievements of the faculty.               Based upon the performance, the Management has instituted awards titled ‘Researcher of the Year in Arts’ and ‘‘Researcher of the Year in Science’.



Budget Allocation for Seed Money



Financial Assistance for Faculty

Selected research project in science

Sum of 30,000 every alternative year under specific heads and as instalments for 2 persons

Selected research project in Arts

Sum of 10,000 every alternative year under specific heads and as instalments

Selected research project in Commerce

Sum of 10,000 every alternative year under specific heads and as instalments

Travel grant

Maximum of Rs. 10,000 every year

Financial assistance for students

Selected student projects in Science

A total of Rs. 12,000 per year

Selected student projects in Arts and Commerce

A total of Rs. 5,000 per year

* Budget will be revised as and when needed


Screening committee for disbursing seed money will comprise of Principal, Vice Principals, Office Superintendent, and members of GRACE committee. 

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