Best Practice 1-SPARC - Skill oriented Programmes for Acquiring and Refining Capability


In world that reveres skill more than bookish knowledge, St. Joseph’s College has created a space for the students polish and sharpen their skills for hunting down the best occupational opportunity. The SPARC initiative of the college emerged with the objective of identifying and guiding the students across their potentials making them future-ready by developing and equipping themselves with the right set of skills.  The influence of this practice is widespread through several extended domains like:

freezing time through preservation techniques of manuscripts is a skill efficiently taught for the students aspiring to enter into the highly paid field of conservation and documenting.

Where students are encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial and social commitment skills through the production and sale of several beneficial household chemicals like detergents, soaps, sanitizers, cleaners etc.

student efforts are invested and directed towards development of Apiculture in the campus making them more sensitised on ecological chain and the preservation of nature.

 A culmination of the smartness in technology with the wonders of biology that offering opportunities for the students to be closely connected with the environment through waste management techniques of vermicomposting, mushroom culture, bio-control agent production etc.

Commercializing the creative hands of our students offering them platforms for developing their entrepreneurial skills in the production and sale of handicrafts. 

Apart from the add on course of ‘Maintenance of electronic and electrical equipments’, students are trained to try their hands at production and sale of LED serial bulb sets, LED tube lights, LED star lights etc.

A complete solution for addressing the highly demanded skills for cracking competitive examinations and jobs that require analytical and high-speed calculation skills.

This initiative by the Department of Costume and Fashion Designing effortlessly turns the world into a ramp for the students to showcase their attained skills through personality development and grooming sessions.

Language, media and presentation skills are combined for incorporating the essence of journalism and offers a podium for the students to snip out the journalist in them.

Incident Process-Focused Group Discussion on social tribulations: This program ensures competence in social work, which can escalate confidence in students and help them analyse cases, understand clients, create interventions, predict intervention results and evaluate outcomes.

This initiative inspires the students to become successful entrepreneurs through various pursuits like ‘Meet the Wo Preneur’, Industrial visits, Exhibition cum sale enabling them to act as torch bearers of prominent Enterprises.

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