About IQAC


To plan, guide and monitor the quality assurance, IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) serves as a driving force. IQAC works on the internal strategies to usher quality by involving in various activities of the institution. IQAC of St Joseph’s College initiates a system of conscious actions to catalyse academic improvements and administrative performances.


A functional Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to internalize a quality culture through best practices for the sustainable growth of the institution.


IQAC at St Joseph’s is bottomed on a value base system to encourage the departments to build relationship. The standardized activities of the cell motivates an all-round excellence at the institutional level to channelize the efforts of global reputation. The nodal agency works on:

  • Action plans to strengthen the quality assessment strategies

  • Academic programs for periodical quality assessments

  • The teaching-learning experience of the institution to ensure self-evaluation
  • Works on quality research activities to collaborate training programs and promotional sustenance
  • The accountability of the innovative programs that promote institutional rankings

Objectives and Functions

Specific Aims that serves the IQAC at St Joseph’s College:

  • Maintain a quality culture in higher education practices through a conscious effort for quality enhancement.
  • Progressive and timely actions to promote the academic, administrative and financial aids of the institution.
  • The specific objectives of IQAC at the institution emprise:
  • Innovative plans on design, review and revise the schemes
  • Access of knowledge to all
  • Economic vitality through progressive performances
  • In-corporation of integrated methods of learning and teaching in curriculum
  • Optimization of the credits to ensure adequacy and allocation of services
  • A network of connection for the shared knowledge with home institutions and abroad


IQAC undertakes a bench mark of functions to maintain a healthy academic environment. It adopt various parameters to ensure the development of a learner-centric ambiance for student and institutional progress. It collects the feedbacks from the stakeholders to review the process at timely basis to dissimilate a quality check. Thus it functions as a:

  • Medium for inter and intra institutional activities of the institution to ensure quality assurance.
  • Intermediate to conduct periodical assessments on the development and maintenance of database.
  • Channel that conducts the Academic and Administrative Audit to follow up the quality declaration.
  • Network to thread the activities of the institution as per the parameters of NAAC and UGC to work on quality checks.
  • Moderator in the preparation and submission of the Quality Reports annually.

Quality Policy

The college is persistent with an operational Internal Quality Assurance Cell to promote the goodwill of the institution. The quality improvement agendas are inculcated to enhance the sustainable growth of the students and the college by catalysing the internal assessment. The cell is accurate and work in a radical method to come up with annual reports of quality productions and pro-forma of improvements. Thus the quality assurance is maintained to endure the autonomy, integrity, status, identity and the reputation of the institution.

The IQAC pledges on the written missions and objectives of the institution that are grounded on the quality cell and dependent organisations.

  • It maintain a quality culture in academics and administration.
  • The cell standardize various activities that focus on institutional functionality
  • Institutionalise a dynamic system to ensure quality deviations
  • IQAC provide substantial guidance in decision making to improve the practices.
  • It offers a working culture based upon quality outcomes for internal consistency
  • It build a relationship between the sections to document the necessary changes in accordance with the time.
  • IQAC monitor the nukes and corners of the institutional activities by periodic reviews and programs.
  • IQAC is an integral part of the institution’s system and work to evolve and procedure a mechanism to meet the expectations of the NAAC.
  • The internal cell ensures the transparency of the documentations to maintain an order and to keep a healthy competition between the departments.
  • IQAC promotes the sharing of good practices to bring feedbacks on syllabus and curriculum to match with the demands of the industries on time.
  • It motivates for timely syllabus reviews and points at the areas where there is a need of restructuring.