Staff Association

The aim of staff association is to ensure and promote the personal and professional well being of the faculty and staff members of the college. It has equal representation from  teaching and non teaching staff and acts as a channel of communication between  the staff and the management. Staff grievances if any are informed to the management with an aim to negotiate amicable solutions so as to maintain a healty relationship between the staff and management. Staff suggestions pertaining to the growth and development of the college are also informed to the administration for discussion and implementation. It takes keen interest in keeping staff informed of Service related matters as well as in furthering institutional policies. Staff association hosts regular  meetings once every month under the presidency of the Principal.

The association also conducts various activities and celebrations to enhance the working atmosphere of the staff. The programs conducted under the association include entertainment and academic activities every year for the recreation of staff from their daily routines. The college also provides adequate importance to staff day as a symbol of togetherness and unity. Under the association, the college conduct tours and relaxation get-togethers to create an environment of enjoyment in their workspaces. The association also recognises the award holders and the retiring staff for their valuable contribution to the college and their respective departments.