Initiatives for Excellence

Purpose of Student Induction Programme is to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self exploration. To excel in any environment it is necessary to know it thoroughly. Students should know the opportunities awaiting  them and how to grab the best from them.  Induction programme is conducted for the students of all the programmes who take new admissions here. Induction programme is part of an organisation’s knowledge management process and is intended to enable the new starter to become a useful, integrated member of the team, rather than being “thrown in at the deep end” without understanding how to do their job, or how their role fits in with the rest of the institution. The Induction Program is designed to make the newly joined students feel comfortable, sensitize them towards exploring their academic interests and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, promote bonding within them, build relations between teachers and students. College organizes  Programme for the first year UG & PG students  which includes various area and  activities. Alumnae executive committee addresses the freshers every year and offers a warm welcome so as to make them feel at home.  Senior alumnae convey their appreciations and best wishes and share their experiences at the campus through small video clippings.

  • Inspirational Talk
  • Guidlines and Rules of the college
  • Introduction to ICT facility
  • Introdcution to clubs and Cells
  • Campus Tour
  • Alumnae Interaction

St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda in the Thrissur district of Kerala state, is an autonomous college for women, affiliated to the University of Calicut, and managed by the St. Joseph’s Educational society of the Congregation of the Holy Family on a 19 acre campus. This institution was established in 1964 as an answer to the ever increasing demand for the higher education of young women from the middle & lower strata of society in the rural suburbs of Irinjakauda. The institution has been endeavoring to fulfill its stated mission of imparting value based holistic instruction and moulding of empowered women fit for the society, the nation and the world, for the past 54 years, drawing inspiration from the visionary zeal of Saint Mother Mariam Thresia the foundress of the Congregation of the Holy Family and the benevolent blessings and guidance of the pioneers- the revered educationist, Padmabhushan, Rev. Fr. Gabriel, the Founder Principal, late Rev. Sr. Franco, and the First Manager, late Rev. Mother Josephine. One of the first institutions in Kerala to be accredited in 2000, the college was re-accredited in the third cycle at ‘A’ in 2013, by NAAC. In recognition of its efforts to empower women students, with a transformative rather than additive purpose, the institution has been conferred the status of Autonomy in March 2016, and the status of College with Potential for Excellence of the UGC in April 2016. The college has secured the 42nd place at the national level in the NIRF rating in 2017. The institution aspires to raise the platform of teaching, learning, research, student–support, extension, consultancy and innovations along with the rise in prestige, realizing very well that it would be no mean task and resting assured that it is possible with the concerted efforts of the stakeholders.Subject Aptitude Test showcases the knowledge embedded in every students during the start of their course. It helps the Professors to gain an insight to the student’s basic knowledge in their field and proceed with the student according to the capacity and the ability they possess.

Bridge Courses are preparatory courses . They are connecting courses that connect a student’s previous course and the course student wants to join so that she does not have to begin from the start of the course the student wants to take is different from the course she is currently pursuing. A bridge course for newly admitted students is conducted every year before the commencement of the first semester classes. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects studied at Pre-university level and subjects they would be studying in degree level. Bridge courses can be considered as supplementary knowledge that can be provided to students to impart basic knowledge in them about the advanced subjects that will be taught to them in the upcoming future. Each Departments prepare syllabus for the bridge coure to prepare students to eliminate the gap from higher scecondary studies to degree curriculum

Extracurricular activities can aid in the development of self-esteem and confidence. They can help you build professional skills, and skills that cannot be learned in an academic environment. They can help expand your social circle and also allow you to pursue your interests. Juggling school and extracurriculars encourages and builds good time management skills. College provides opportunity to newly admitted students to showcase their talent in a healthy competitive enviornment. The purpose of “Talent Search”  is to highlight our students’ creative ambition and drive and to give them a chance to exhibit their team spirit and unique talents. Since creativity and innovation do not come in a single form or medium, our showcase highlights student work from a diverse range of genres; including music, Dance, theatre, visual art and more in the Talent Search Programme.

The committee makes special efforts to honour the final year UG student who takes interest in common activities of the college, and put maximum effort in this direction, with the title  ” Student of the Year”.  For  achieving the title  students should not have any back logs. The prestigious title is awarded by a contest which have several interesting rounds which test the general knowledge, intelligence, popularity and effective stage presence. There will be points for activities, academic performance, union activities etc. For popularity test whole college polling has been done. As final round candidates have to face the entrie college on stage and have to answer the questions given by judges. Points are tabulated based on all rounds and Student of the year is announced.

Finishing school is an employability improvement drive taken by the school for understudies. The finishing school centres around teaching social graces and upper-class cultural rites as a ground work for section into society. Completing school offer many advantages to the understudies and a portion of the key advantages related with this are comprises of – creating show abilities, certainty upgrade, individual prepping, showing key business endeavours decorum’s and orchestrate communications with primary industry specialists. The procedures used are a fair design that assist understudies with fulfilling the corporate needs. Extracurricular phases of preparation and exercises that are a piece of most meetings, assist the understudies with partner the hypothesis of most scholastics with the pragmatic feel of the corporate world. A greater part of understudies regardless of being college clinchers actually come up short on area mastery, relational and individual abilities that stand as a hindrance in assisting them with kicking start their preferred vocation. Inadequate show abilities at prospective employee meetings, powerlessness to display proficient skill and approach towards reactions are a portion of the normal difficulties confronted. We address these worries with presentation of adaption apparatuses that conquer such difficulties. The data sources by the completing school would help the understudies in creating:

  • Building self
  • Personality development
  • Presentation skill
  • International Etiquette
  • Interview skill
  • Communication skill

The goal of St. Joseph’s College is to impart empowered women graduates fit for the contemporary society and to ensure that our graduates become contributors in any ecosystem they choose.
As the HRD cell sets out to identify, develop and sharpen the skills of the students we work diligently to locate and utilize newer avenues of employment and higher education possibilities which the students could explore. The students are put through rigorous training and exposed to deliberately created learning environments to help them transform into bold individuals capable of facing challenges of the new world as they moved forward in their desired directions. We try to inspire the students to make self-motivated attempts to improve and attain their future goals by providing them with a plethora of personality development programs and a world of information on various technical and non-technical skill development courses and activities that they could take up themselves.

We have been quick to realize and explore the emerging employment demands in the new normal and thus we have delivered the highest possible number of placement opportunities to our students. With the help of the new tools such as online streaming and meeting platforms, we are able to double the number of orientation programs and other beneficial sessions that the students can participate in. They are clearly widely accepted by the students as seen in the high student participation numbers that were observed.

Initial to prepare the students for the upcoming placement season, the HRD cell conducts various career guidance sessions for the final year undergraduates and post graduate students. Online orientation classes on overseas higher education possibilities are conducted in collaboration with esteemed collaborating organizations for guiding them on higher studies opportunities as well.

We then host several recruitments drives for reputed organizations such as TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, Federal Bank, South Indian Bank Ltd and the students receive ample opportunities to secure a campus placement.

The HRD cell of the college is dedicated to have play a major part in the student’s effort to reach their targeted goals by offering them relentless services dedicated towards the upliftment of their careers and skills.

St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda organizes convocation ceremony every year immediately after the announcement of the final year UG and PG results. This day is of remarkable significance in the life of students, teachers as well as parents since it marks the successful culmination of years of hard work and dedication. It is a celebratory ceremony in which degrees are conferred upon students after the successful completion of either undergraduate or postgraduate programme. On the day of convocation, students wear their academic regalia and walk up the stage in the presence of their teachers, family and friends and receive their hard-earned degrees. It is a defining moment in every student’s life as it adds to her sense of self-esteem and confidence and provides students with an opportunity to express their sense of gratitude to the college.  The convocation ceremony is also a living testimony of the dedication and perseverance put in by the college in moulding students into responsible and successful individuals worthy of serving the nation with their knowledge and skill. An academician of eminence is invited on the day of convocation as the chief guest who addresses the gathering with a message on the significance of the day. The college principal, Heads of the Departments and the chief guest will occupy the stage wearing their respective academic regalia as the students are presented with their degrees. Convocation day also helps in building a sense of group identity or community feeling among the students as the dedicated members of their alma mater as they leave the college. Students are administered the alumnae oath on the day of convocation whereby they pledge their unflinching loyalty and allegiance to their alma mater and become the proud members of college alumnae.

COLLEGE MERIT DAY is conducted every year at St. Joseph’s College in order to congratulate the student achievers and acknowledge and appreciate their meritorious achievements in academics, sports and fine arts. It is a unique and exceptional day of jubilation and celebration for the entire student community. The prize committee consisting of the faculty members and staff of the college make elaborate preparations to distribute these endowments and scholarships in numerous categories. Certificates, cash awards and trophies are presented to the achievers in the respective categories. The endowments consisting of certificates, cash prizes and trophies are instituted by the stakeholders of the college including the management, guardians and well-wishers’ association, retired faculty and staff and departments of various academic disciplines. Endowments for students with remarkable achievements in academics and deserving students from various disciplines, Special Prizes for the best ‘outgone’ and best ‘outgoing’ students of various disciplines, General Proficiency prizes for the UG and PG students, Sports Merit Prizes and Fine Arts Prizes are the various categories of prizes given away on this annual Merit Day. Students consider this as an exceptional moment of pride and recognition to receive these awards from invited guests, Principal and Vice-principals of the college and other eminent members of the college academia. This ideal occasion enhances the morale of the students and encourages them to strive for holistic excellence.

The alumni meet aims to foster a sense of community among alumni, while supporting a sense of connectedness back to the institution feeling. Alumnae association organizes alumnae meet in the campus every year on 26th January and batchwise gathering occasionally. Alumni meet or visit to the people they have met before will help new professionals  to establish or renew friendships and acquaintances. In the Aupicious occassion, the achievers, Ph D scholars, award winners et al are honoured. The Best Alumna Award is presented after a thorough scrutiny of the resume from the applicants. The event gives a chance for the  fellow alumnae  to come to the limelight. This gathering alos helps alumnae  to establish a connection with  present students and to motivate and direct them for selecting careers and focus on  higher education. The programme gives a platform to  connect with teachers and highly qualified alumnae in different area to connect to move forward towards excellence.


  • Publication of Alumnae newsletter ” Domus Josefite” which includes articles by alumnae, achievement of alumnae and activities of Alumnae association
  • Distribution of awards and mementoes
  • Cultural programme by alumnae and family members
  • Exhibition and sale of art and craft works to encourage entrepreneurs
  • Collecting suggestions for curriculum enhancement
  • Feedback from host institution of alumnae
  • Handover Alumnae contributions towards excellence of college
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