Department of Economics

Programmes Offered

  • B A Economics: Three Year Duration(Aided)
  • M A Economics: Two Year Duration (Self Financing)

Origin & Development

The Economics department is one of the oldest departments of the college. The Department of Economics started its functioning at the very inception of the college and has a history of 57 years so far. It began teaching economics classes for Pre-Degree courses, and within a couple of years, it became a full-fledged department with a degree course. Prof. Rose Williams was appointed as the first Head of the Department of Economics. Her experience and practical wisdom counted a lot at the beginning of the department. Now the department has completed 55 years of existence with the undergraduate courses with sociology & history as subsidiary subjects. What the department today is the outcome of the conscientious work of the faculty members- Sr.Joshua(1966-85), Sr.Bianca(1966-89), Sr.Rose Ann (1972-2002), Dr.Sr.Vandana (1973-2004), Mrs. Gracy Raphel(1974-2005), Dr. Valsa John C (1983-2015), and Dr. Baby V O(1985-2016).  Mrs.Alphonsa.A.K joined and served our department as a sociology professor from 1979-to 2011. The year 2013-14 is a landmark in the history of our department as it was upgraded as a postgraduate department in that year. The department provides a scholastic atmosphere through competent instruction, skill-oriented certificate courses, curricular and extracurricular activities, etc.

Goals & Objectives

  • Impart knowledge in the Principal area of Economics.
  • To become familiar with salient developments in the world economy, in both present-day and historical contexts.
  • Enhance the ability to apply the principles of Economics in everyday life & create the capacity to solve various economic problems.
  • Provide essential theoretical and practical training for pursuing a career in the economics and management field.
  • Moulding empowered, empathetic, and environmentally sensitive women economists.
  • Orient to promote and protect dignity, equality, social justice, and human rights.
Department of Economics