Employee Welfare

Understanding Employee welfare @ St. Josephs

Job satisfaction and individual enrichment are the two phrases that collaboratively describe the staff and faculty welfare activities of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda.  Apart from all the benefits provided from the Government, the institution fondly engages in career upliftment and personal developmental activities of its employees. The college considers that the growth of its employees is directly proportional to the growth of the institution and hence incorporates a fair share of their participation in the decision-making procedures. It makes sure that the employees feel gratified with a certain sense of autonomy with their interaction in the institutional framework.

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What are our aims?

The college develops Employee Welfare Schemes with a certain set of objectives aiding in developing a focussed approach by the management towards the attainment of the following aims:

  • To ensure a healthy working atmosphere where our employees can thrive and make the best use of the facilities provided in the institution
  • To provide a platform for polishing their work skills and constantly redefining excellence through the mastery of their work.
  • To create a comfortable environment where our employees can be free to raise their opinions with the confidence of being valued.
  • To support their economic, social and intellectual upliftment through collaborative efforts imparting values of generosity and brotherhood.

How does this work?

To enrich the working experience of our employees in the institution, we have defined a two-step general categorisation for directing our efforts:

  • Career Development/Progression
  • Welfare Schemes

The Career Development initiatives include financial support mechanism, faculty enrichment strategies and career advancement plans. The institution pays heed to the academic growth of its faculty by mobilising the financial needs for attending academically enriching seminars, conferences, symposiums and for conducting research activities. Apart from the ample seminars, conferences and talks organised within the institution, the college motivates its employees by providing facilities for duty leaves, incentives, awards and recognition based on the requirements. It is also infrastructurally capable of enhancing their working experience with the integration of IT in the administrative and academic realms in the form of digital studios, ICT enabled classrooms, digitally equipped halls and staffrooms and software led fast and smooth administrative activities.

The Career Development initiatives when complimented with the welfare schemes of the college consisting of financial, medical incentives and other privileges creates a complete package of job satisfaction for our employees. Being a women’s only college, we understand the physical plights of pregnancy and child care and hence promote work from home options, paternity and maternity leaves and medical and preventive health check-ups for our needy employees.  Understanding the economic predicaments and in addition to all the basic financial aids, we have developed schemes for our employees that support them during their financial crisis like home loans and renovation aids, supporting educational expenses of their children, festival bonus and interest free loans for purchasing teaching aids. The Yoga and gymnasium facilities, counselling centre, psycho-spiritual enhancement activities, and the annual picnic take care of the emotional and psychological welfare of our employees completing our definition of employment enrichment in the institution.