Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1964. The Bachelors programme was started in 1993 and Masters programme was started in 2016. Currently the department offers B.Sc. Physics, M. Sc. Physics and a Certificate course in ‘Maintenance of electronic & electrical equipments’. There are 3 permanent faculty, 5 guest faculty & 2 staff faculty in the department. The department houses 5 class rooms (2 with ICT facilities), 3 labs (1 with ICT facilities), staff room and department library.

Programmes Offered

  • Bachelors Degree in Physics with Mathematics and Computer Science as Complimentary Course.

  • Masters degree in Physics

Interdisciplinary Course

  • Complimentary Course in Physics
  • Open Course in ‘Non Conventional Energy Resources

Value Added Course

  • Maintenance of Electronic and Electrical Equipments

Goals And Objectives of The Department

All students should have an operational knowledge in the principal areas of physics. All students should develop the necessary skills to effectively communicate their scientific knowledge. Students are provided with adequate preparation for career paths leading to the fields of software industry, education and other professions.
Department of Physics