Lakshadweep Corner

The unchanged desire to read, listen and understand pieces of literature from a culture unravels the readers to the wonders of the land and its traditions which is nothing less than a mind travelling across the boundaries of time and space. With the ‘Lakshadweep Corner’ in the library of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda the students are exposed to the stories of a land that is often described as ‘Lamps hung in the gateway of India- The Lakshadweep Islands’. A land where there is no trace of violence or crime even to this present day. With such a moralistic community residing as our neighbours, earnest efforts are being made by the college to recapture and record the stories to revive their glorious culture for introducing the students to the immortal literature of the land that looks at life with awe. This additionally helps the institution to attain its aim of inclusive education by helping the students to accept and understand students of a different lingual and territorial background. This exclusive reading corner was built and customised to be a one stop destination that will begin to blur the differences of boundaries and help the learners exchange their treasures of culture for an inclusive learning environment

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