Department of Biotechnology

Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology at St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda, the only institution offering a government-aided B.Sc. Biotechnology program in Kerala. Established in 1999, our department has maintained an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Our dedication to excellence led to the expansion in 2004, introducing the M.Sc. General Biotechnology program. Dedicated to providing quality education, we offer a dynamic curriculum enhanced by value-added courses and diverse learning opportunities. Our department boasts a well-equipped laboratory and a team of highly qualified faculty members committed to fostering an environment of academic rigour and innovation.

B.Sc. Biotechnology Program

The B.Sc. Biotechnology program at St. Joseph’s College provides a solid foundation in the field, preparing students for a rewarding and fulfilling academic journey in the realm of biotechnology.

Qualification: Applicants must have successfully completed the higher secondary examination or its equivalent, with a mandatory requirement of securing a minimum of 55% marks.

Duration: The B.Sc. Biotechnology program spans six semesters over a period of three years.

Sanctioned Intake: The program accommodates a maximum of 36 students, with seat reservation policies aligned with the government guidelines

Tuition Fee: The B.Sc. Biotechnology program is government-aided, ensuring that students admitted to the program benefit from no tuition fees,

Admission Procedure: There is no entrance examination for admission. Notification regarding the application process will be available on our website. The merit list is prepared based on the 10+2 marks and the subject of study. Short-listed candidates are called for counselling. The admission process adheres to government guidelines.

M.Sc. General Biotechnology Program

The M.Sc. General Biotechnology program at St. Joseph’s College offers a specialized curriculum, preparing students for advanced studies and research in various facets of biotechnology.

Qualification: Applicants must hold a degree in life science or its equivalent with a mandatory requirement of 55% marks for admission.

Duration: The M.Sc. General Biotechnology program spans across four semesters, a comprehensive academic journey over two years.

Sanctioned Intake: The program offers a sanctioned intake of 12 students.

Tuition Fee: As a self-financing program, students enrolled in the M.Sc. General Biotechnology program are subject to the respective tuition fees.

Admission Procedure: Admission into the M.Sc. General Biotechnology program follows a merit-based selection process. The application process is announced on our website. The merit list is prepared based on the qualifying marks, and shortlisted candidates undergo a counseling process for admission.

Key Highlights

  • Government-Aided Programs: Our department proudly offers B.Sc. Biotechnology and M.Sc. General Biotechnology. The B.Sc. Biotechnology program, unique in the state, accepts 36 students without any semester or tuition fee, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility to quality education. The M.Sc. General Biotechnology program, with 12 self-financing seats, caters to students seeking specialized knowledge in the field.
  • Value-Added Programs: Students benefit from our specialized value-added courses like the HACCP certification program: internationally recognized for setting the standards in effective food safety control.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our department houses well-equipped laboratories and advanced research facilities, including animal and plant tissue culture, fostering a conducive environment for hands-on learning and cutting-edge research.

Faculty Expertise

Our distinguished faculty members bring rich expertise to the department:

  • Dr. Naijil George (Head of Department): Specializing in Neuroscience and Epidemiology, Dr. Naijil holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Neuroscience and Cell Biology. His extensive publications in esteemed international journals underscore his expertise in the field.
  • Dr. Viji Mary Varghese: A specialist in Animal Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering, Dr. Viji’s Ph.D. and research background abroad significantly enhance the department’s academic value.
  • Dr. Kavitha O.: With 16 years of teaching experience and a profound interest in Biotechnology, Dr. Kavitha serves as the Controller of Examination, ensuring academic rigour within the department.
  • Dr. Viji M. O. (Vice Principal): An expert in Plant Biotechnology, Dr. Viji M. O. brings 20 years of teaching experience and substantial research achievements, significantly contributing to the department’s academic pursuits.
  • Dafini Mendez: With 12 years of teaching experience, Ms. Dafini holds dual master’s degrees, an M.Sc. in Biotechnology and an M.A. in Psychology. Her interdisciplinary background enriches the department’s academic landscape, providing a unique learning perspective for students.
  • Sreya K J: With a research background in agricultural studies, Ms. Sreya brings valuable insights and expertise to the department, contributing to its diverse academic offerings.
  • Rajagopal Muralidharan: Holding a Master of Science from Aston University, Birmingham, and a Master of Education from the University of People, Mr Rajagopal’s wealth of international academic exposure enriches the department’s global perspective, fostering a comprehensive learning environment.
Department of Biotechnology