Library Automation

Welcome to our Room of Requirements! – The unique space at St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda where we serve the intellectual desires and needs of our academic community.. An open, light-filled facility with an eye on the future, this striking building in our campus keeps its door open for anyone interested in living an unending chronicle of learning. This hub of learning promises unmatched futuristic learning experience right from the moment you step in through the automated doors leading to an electronic gateway that regulates the entry and exit of the library users. As for a registered library user like a student or a faculty member, entry is permitted either through fingerprint detection or through ID card scanning that automatically logs in the details of the library user into our library systems. We are happy to share our learning resources with guest users and PWD users and make sure that they enjoy the pleasures of a hassle-free and simple entrance through specifically designed entry points with minimum formalities. The available collections of books, journals and other reading materials can easily be located by entering the details of the same in the electronic browsing pods launched at different accessible locations in the library. The user-friendly interface in these pods make browsing through the numerous shelves of the library to find their desired book an easier and convenient task and if not comfortable, our library staff are happy to help. Once you have found your desired reading material, there are self-check out options or the staff at the exit counter shall assist in the book borrowing procedures. The specialised software KOHA offers accessibility to our users even from the comforts of their homes or anywhere that provides an internet connection. All that you need, is an institution allotted user ID and Password for the logging into the wide repository of knowledge. The software also gives information on the present status of a book, enables the user of reserving the book for the next time it becomes available for use and additionally makes the user independent through self-renewal and re-issuing the book through the software. Through the automation of the college library, it becomes the one stop destination for our academic aspirants to get all the study resources while providing them with a conducive and comfortable environment for optimum study just right at their finger tips.