Department of Mathematics

Goals & Objectives

  • Qualitative augmentation of Mathematics education for knowledge enhancement for the up-gradation of the society.
  • Higher Mathematics as platform for inter-disciplinary and innovative research studies.
  • Imparting Skill oriented Mathematics education that convert challenges to opportunities for the elevation of the society.

During the Third cycle accreditation phase, the  department had been continually marching towards all round development of students and research quality enhancement of teachers and learners. Constant introspection and assessment of strengths and weaknesses came to our aid in the sustenance and enhancement of quality during this period. Feedback from the Industry, alumnae and peers and from other educational institutes also enabled the department to introspect and evolve further in the higher research outcome and empowerment of students which has been reflected in the highly placed alumnae in covetable positions.


  • Department of Mathematics is Established in 1964. 50+ years academic excellence in mathematics domain
  • The Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences functioning is the first Research Centre of University of Calicut outside University campus

  • 2000 + graduates, 800 + postgraduates and 9 doctorates from the department

Teaching – Learning

  • Invited Talks by Resource persons from Research institutes
  • Learning through SIM club activities like PPT Presentations, Poster presentations, Quiz, Field Trips, Wall Magazines etc
  • Preparation of PG dissertation using LATEX Software
  • Certificate Courses on Mathematical Software which is useful in industry
  • Participation of students in Mathematics Training & Talent Search(MTTS) Programme
  • ICT enabled teaching methods
  • Higher Education institution visits
  • M. Sc. Entrance Coaching by experts in the field
  • NET/JRF coaching by research scholars
  • Teach one-each one Programme(student centered) to boost weak students
  • Workshop/Seminars to promote research aptitude in students
  • Participation in Quiz, Presentation Competitions in other institutions

Student Support

  • Bridge Course
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Tutorial and Mentoring sessions
  • House visit
  • Providing Department Library
  • Financial Assistance to needy
  • Endowments for academic excellence

Activity Report

Department of Mathematics