College Union

Students Union is a big support for the college to initiate a good communication between students and college administration. The representatives from each class of the different departments of multiple streams are nominated for the representative elections. The representatives from the different streams based on their strength cordially form administrational student union. The representatives are voted to different posts in the student’s union and the union takes responsibility to help the academic, extracurricular, cultural and outreach activities of the college. The platform is a foundation of fairness, opportunities and a voice for the students to point their issues in their campus life. (Parliamentary model need to be mentioned)

The largest student body responsible for student support activities the College Union functions in this campus as a democratically elected statutory body with powers and privileges as laid down in the university statutes. The students can expect the best and most reliable support from the college union in all their needs and requirements and this keeps the campus atmosphere and ambience warm welcoming. Election to the positions of the college union is done adhering strictly to the university statute norms and it is perhaps an educating experience offered to the students to rule themselves keeping the welfare and wellbeing of their fellow students foremost in mind.

In the functioning of the College Union, the office bearers are advised and aided by the Staff Advisor, a member of the teaching staff appointed by the Principal and ratified by the College Union. The functioning of the Arts Club also is under the guidance of a teaching staff member designated as President who is also appointed by the Principal on consultation with the College Union. However, the Principal is the ultimate head of all the programs and events organized and hosted by the college union on the campus. The President of the Union is the Principal (ex-officio)

College Union Council

  • The President of the Union is the Principal (ex-officio)
  • The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Joint Secretary.
  • The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Joint Secretary, One representative each of I D.C., II D.C, III D.C., and P.G. classes elected by the students of the respective classes.
  • The Student Editor of the college Magazine.
  • Secretary of the Fine Arts.
  • General Captain.
  • University Union Councilors.
  • The Staff Advisor nominated by the President. The Union Secretary shall act as the Secretary of the Executive Committee.
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