Life At St. Joseph’s

St Joseph’s College is devoted to offer the most remarkable and lovable times of an individual’s life. Life at the college is pleasant with conserve natural resources and biodiversity. The Green Campus proffers a lively, fun and resourceful ambience for the student growth. Curricular and extra-curricular activities are promoted providing an autonomy, space and opportunity for students to explore different aspects of their identities. The campus has a surfeit of cultural activities and self-training centres for the overall development of the students. The extra-curricular activities assist the student to formulate leadership roles and value-added credits for social engagements. The college also gives utmost importance to the physical and mental well being of the students through cultural and sports activities to expand the conceptual learning by experiential engagements. The competency of co-operation and mutual trust is built between the students and teachers for leadership, communication and adaptability with the physical environment. Life at St Joseph’s will be a memorable one in the life of  all. It’s a place of smiles, tears, joys, opportunities, friendship and most importantly a place that builds dreams.


Self discipline is the best means for the development of an individual. However, for the effective management of any institution, rules and regulations that can enforce discipline become necessary. Every student of St. Joseph’s is expected to observe all these rules and regulations of the college. The decision of the Principal will be final in all matters pertaining to the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

  • A working day begins in the college with the morning prayer. The entire college is supposed to participate in the assembly with due respect and devotion.
  • A call to auditorium for Morning Prayer or for a common purpose or for a program must be promptly complied with without fail. No one shall remain in class rooms or elsewhere during such occasions.
  • Students are to remain in their classrooms during the entire time of the class periods.
  • If the teacher is absent, the representative should inform both the concerned department and the principal for immediate alternative arrangement.
  • Students are not expected to leave the campus during the working hours. In case of an emergency, sanction must be obtained from the Principal on a written request duly countersigned by the Parent/Guardian/Warden and the class teacher.
  • Cleanliness in classrooms, verandahs, and premises is essential. Avoid leaning against walls and door-ways, writing on desks, benches and walls and fixing nails, pasting bills, notices etc . on the walls.
  • No bills posters or notices should be put up on the walls on the campus without the permission of the Principal even during the election time.
  • All sorts of Information meant for the students will be displayed on the notice boards as and when necessary. Students should consult all the notice boards every day unfailingly.
  • Complaints of students will be looked into if they are presented through the proper channel. Make use of the services of the Grievance Redress Cell as far as possible.
  • Letters officially addressed to the Principal should accompany self addressed sufficiently stamped envelope, if reply is expected.
  • Two-wheelers should be parked only in the parking area meant for them.
  • There are places and times of silence on the campus. Strict silence must be observed in the chapel and library and after the bell for classes. Chapel and its premises can be used only for prayer. Strict discipline and decorum is expected of the students during programs convened in the auditorium or elsewhere.
  • Students are requested to see that an attitude of respect, love and consideration is reflected in their behavior towards elders, teachers, peers and others.
  • Interference of the Student Organizations adversely affecting the peaceful conduct of curricular activities within the campus is prohibited.
  • Students should not resort to Gheraos, Bandh, Hartal and any sort of violence within the campus. Students should not resort to Strike/Dharna without giving one day’s notice to the Principal /Head of the Institution.
  • Students’ grievance Redress Cell shall be constituted in every college with the following members.

    • Principal as Chairman.
    • 3 teachers nominated by the College Council of whom one shall be a lady.
    • College Union Chairman & Secretary and one student nominated by the College Council.
  • An appeal lies with the University level Students’ Grievance Redress Cell, which shall be constituted as follows

    • Vice-Chancellor-Chairman.
    • Dean of Students’ Welfare-Secretary.
    • Student Syndicate Member.
    • 2 other Syndicate Members nominated by the Syndicate.
    • University Union Chairman & Secretary.
  • Students should desist from disfiguring the classrooms, compound walls and buildings in the college campus by pasting of posters or writing on the walls as part of their election campaign. They should also desist from disfiguring the compound walls of neighbouring buildings as well. Election campaign/propaganda in the college campus should be limited to the issue of pamphlets and bit-notices.

  • Students can convene meeting only with the prior permission of the Principal. Persons who are not on the rolls of the College register should not be allowed to take part in the propaganda work in the college campus. Students should not arrange for election propaganda/campaign meeting in the college campus except with the specific sanction of the Principal.

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