Time Table

Preparing a practical time table is accompanied with a multitude of challenges which when implemented appropriately brings order and a target-oriented working culture. The creation of a master time table requires juggling between 4 elements in an academic scenario:

  • Teachers,
  • Students,
  • Classrooms and
  • Time

With nearly 3000 + students enrolled in 40 + programs and nearly 40+ value added courses offered from the institution, a neatly and well-prepared master time table comes with the benefit of locating any of our students in a given batch at any point during the class hours. The setters of the master time table are also provided with an option to fairly distribute the working hours of a teacher ensuring that no teacher faces undue pressure with the onset of the academic year.  It becomes one of our time-saving strategies so that the students and teachers can indulge in self-developmental and other beneficial activities during their spare time. Furthermore, it supports an unhindered teaching-learning process with its added benefit of substitute management where a substitute teacher can easily be placed to engage a classroom without supervision. The master timetable of St. Joseph’s college that is presented here, is cautiously and delicately formulated to avoid maximum errors and provide sufficient space for both the teachers and students to breathe in between their academic schedules helping them to manage both life and lesson equally.