Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology at St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda was established in 1967 with the Under Graduate programme, B.Sc. Zoology and evolved into a Post Graduate Department in 2014. As an offshoot of the department, Communicable Disease Research Lab (CDRL) started functioning from 2013 with projects funded by UGC, KSCSTE, DBT, DST etc. and has contributed many national and international publications to date. The Department was instrumental in initiating the B.Voc. programme in Applied Microbiology & Forensic Science during the academic period 2018-2021. UG and PG Programmes in Zoology are offered with Human Genetics as the Elective paper. For UG students, we are offering the Open Course in Reproductive Health & Sex Education. In the past, more than twenty undergraduate students and a couple of postgraduate students have been recipients of University Ranks and we encourage the students to aspire for higher realms of knowledge. To kindle enthusiasm and nurture the students in their journey through this subject area of life, field trips, motivational visits to Institutions and participation in Nature camps are promoted.


The Department aims to provide students with a working knowledge of fundamental principles in Zoology that will provide a foundation for their later advanced course work in more specific biological subjects.

  • To make the students understand the need of Zoology in the making and shaping of our planet.
  • Students will become familiar with animal classification schemes and associated taxonomic group diagnostic characteristics, as well as in developing the ability to apply basic Zoological principles.
  • The laboratory and lecture sessions of the course are highly integrated and directed towards teaching students various concepts of different branches in Zoology.
  • To train students in a wide range of science-based skills that provide the learning base for future careers in disciplines such as health sciences, agriculture, environmental management and emerging trends in bioscience.
  • To empower our students with practical skills to comprehend the physiology and other functions of each and every vital system.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching, research, publication and extension education in the field of Zoology.


  • B.Sc. Zoology
  • M.Sc. Zoology

Teaching – Learning

  • Invited talks – by Scientists/Academicians/Experts from different subject areas of Zoology.
  • Learning through PPT presentations, Poster presentations, Hand written magazines, Video classes, Quiz, Field trips, Nature camp etc.
  • PG dissertation work carried out from leading research institutes like RGCB, Amala Cancer Research Centre, Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research centre, etc.

  • ICT enabled teaching methods.
  • Visit to research institutions as a part of curriculum.
  • Each one Teach one method and peer group teaching (Student Centric) adopted to improve weak students ability.
  • Workshops/Seminars are conducted to promote students research aptitude.
  • Certificate courses
  • Students participation in various competitions conducted in the college and other institutions.


  • Zoology Museum
  • UG and PG Laboratories
  • Genetics Lab
  • Communicable Disease Research Lab (CDRL)
  • ii + OMICS Lab
  • ICT Facilities
  • Departmental Book Bank

Student Support

  • Bridge Course
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Tutorial and Mentoring Sessions
  • House Visit
  • Endowments for Academic Excellence
Department of Zoology