Student Support

Walk With a Scholar program at St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda started in the year 2014-15 with financial support from the New Initiatives in Higher Education, Dept. of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Kerala. This is a specialized mentoring program designed exclusively for the Under Graduate students. The purpose of this program is to empower students with motivation, orientation, guidance and exposure which will be useful for their higher studies and future employment. The mentoring scheme of WWS is founded on the concept of mentor as guide and friend. Around 30 first-year students are selected in each year, and the students continue in the program for all the three years of their course duration. The mentoring scheme is two-fold: internal mentoring and external mentoring. Internal mentors are selected from the faculty pool of St. Joseph’s College and external mentors, who are experts in diverse disciplines and professions, are identified from outside the college. Each student goes through 10 sessions of internal mentoring and 25 sessions of external mentoring during an academic year. They will also undergo several interviews, debates, mock tests, group discussions, power point presentations etc. aimed at their core and soft skill development. Additionally, motivational visits to reputed research institutes, universities, public service institutions and corporates are arranged in order to give students a much needed exposure to the professional life.


Dr. Benoy Anand
Assistant Professor
Department. of Physics
Mob: 9061385338

Internal Monitoring Committee

  • Principal – Dr. Sr. Ligy V K
  • Vice-Principals-Dr. Sr. Viji M O, Sr. Siji P D
  • College Council Secretary – Dr. Deena Antony C
  • IQAC Convener – Dr. Naijil George
  • WWS Coordinator – Dr. Benoy Anand
  • Student Coordinator – Yasmi Johnson
  • Office Superintendent – Ms. Jyothi A J

Internal Mentors

  • First UG

    • Dr. Vidya G(Dept. of Zoology)
    • Ms. Sherline T I (Dept. of Commerce)
    • Ms. Beena C A (Dept. of Sociology)
    • Ms. Anju Susan George (Dept. of English)
    • Ms. Mary Gisby Poulose (Dept. of Physics)
  • Second UG

    • Dr.. Vidya Thomas K (Dept. of Chemistry)
    • Ms. Elizabeth Paul (Dept. of Commerce)
    • Dr. Naijil George (Dept. of Biotechnology)
    • Dr. Gigi Poulose (Dept. of Zoology
    • Dr. Jose Kuriakose (Dept. of History)
  • Third UG

    • Ms. Daisy P K (Dept. of Economics)
    • Dr. Sujitha V S (Dept. of English)
    • Dr. Bibitha Joseph (Dept. of Chemistry)
    • Ms. Madhu C A (Dept. of Physics
    • Ms. Sherin Jose T(Dept. of Mathematics)

Kerala is an undertaking of the Higher Education Department of the Kerala Government that focusses on training students and the general population with skills that improve their employability.. ASAP is an initiative that works with a passionate drive towards equipping the youth of Kerala for the highly demanding industrial roles of today and the future. This student-centered programme works with different industrial sectors to design and update curriculums that inculcate desirable skill sets and qualities to the students to develop a pool of industry ready candidates. ASAP modules that encompass training methods to impart and enhance communication and IT skills to students also bring into its ambit an array of industry skills to be trained in, thereby leveling the unaligned terrains of our educational system and other employment platforms. ASAP could rightly be phrased as a thoughtful antidote to the malady of increasing unemployment that currently alarms our state. Since inception in 2012, ASAP has trained over One and a half lakh students in various skill sectors.

The Government of Kerala had launched the Scholar Support Programme (SSP) in the Government Arts & Science Colleges during 2012-13. It was extended to 27 Aided Arts & Science Colleges during 2013-14. The Programme is being given to all the Aided Arts & Science Colleges in 2014-15. As a part of New Initiatives by the Department of Collegiate Education, St. Josephs College Irinjalakuda has started Scholar Support Programme from the academic year 2014-2015. The Scholar Support Programme aims at imparting personalized additional support to needy students through tutorials, study materials, additional lectures, question banks and interactive sessions. The candidates are selected from the first semester of the Under Graduate Programme. The programme offers personalised additional instructional sessions to support  academically backward students. Teachers specialised in the respective areas of knowledge is involved in the successful implementation of the programme. The extra coaching has proved to be highly beneficial to the weaker students who aspire to be successful in life. The Directorate of Collegiate Education is implementing the Programme. Funds are allotted to colleges for the implementation of the Programme

The candidates selected under the Programme must be from the first year of the Under Graduate Programme.  Students who are having less than 60% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination and who need some additional support in identified subjects alone are to be included in the Programme. If it is not possible to identify such students, students having the lowest percentage of marks in the qualifying examination will be considered. Students were chosen according to their first internal marks with an additional consultation with their class teachers who further joined as internal mentors of SSP. Internal trainers have to assist the coordinator in maintaining a close contact with the enrolled students and in arranging the internal classes (subject coaching). Their duties include identify the papers in which the students need subject coaching and support the student in the additional areas of need motivate the students. The benefits of the SSP are to make the student capable of identifying the reasons of one’s own difficulties in learning, to empower the student with skills to learn efficiently and to write the examinations effectively.

Some Major Activities

  • Student kit has been distributed to the students.
  • Internal sessions is handled by the internal mentors.
  • A separate Library shelf was provided with enough study materials for thementees and mentors.
  • Life skill classes are handled by Mr Ramesh N K, Ms Merry Henna Josephand Dr Stalin Raphel.
  • Conducted external mentoring session on learning skills by Mr Binil Kumar K. R.