Seed Money

This form of security offerings from the management is of great help in promoting new start-ups in the institution and also in encouraging the research activities of the institution. To induce an active research environment and to attain self-stability in students by skill enhancement, this money serves as a catalytic agent. In the view of developing an advanced interest in research among the teachers, researchers, and students, and also for the self-sustainability of the students, the management has offered 10 lacks under seed money. The money is distributed to teachers and students for initiating start-ups and training programs. The review meeting to ensure the progress of the projects under the category was held on June 14th, 2021 from 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM for students and 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM for teachers. Thereafter review meetings are held every month for constant progress monitoring.

Name of the teacher provided with seed moneyThe amount of seed moneyYear of receiving
Binu T V800002021
Alphy Joseph and Sr. Deeni C J100002021
Anisha N G150002021
Anju Antony50002021
Anju susan George and Anju Antony150002021
Asha Thomas50002021
Aswathy Ajayan and Aleesha Thomas150002021
Bibitha Joseph50002021
Bindhu Davis400002021
Blessy Paul P100002021
Blessy Paul P50002021
Dafini Mendez100002021
Daisy P K150002021
Deepa Roy150002021
Della T B and Reeba Mary Anto32502021
Dilruba K25002021
Dilruba K25002021
Elizebath Paul400002021
Femi Francis200002021
Jomol Thomas100002021
Jose Kuriakose200002021
Linet Sebastian150002021
Lisamma Jhon50002021
Litty Chacko100002021
Litty Chacko100002021
Manoj A. L.1207502021
Mary Gisby Paulose100002021
Megha Murali100002021
Michelle Vivera100002021
Michelle Vivera and Limna Poulose32502021
Minla K S32502021
Sr Nisha George50002021
Prameeja Prasidhan32502021
Pravitha K and Dilruba K100002021
Pravitha K150002021
Radhika V M150002021
Reesha P U100002021
Reesha P U32502021
Rejo Sibin and Teslin Sabu100002021
Rejo T J50002021
Remya Chitran and Femi Francis32502021
Remya Chitran and Ms. Femi Francis32502021
Remya Chitran and Ms. Femi Francis32502021
Remya Chitran and Ms. Femi Francis32502021
Remya S and Siby Linson50002021
Reshmi Ramachandran25002021
Reshmi Ramachandran25002021
Reshmi Ramachandran25002021
Reshmi Ramachandran25002021
Rincy Pulikkottil100002021
Rincy Pulikottil50002021
Roselin Alex50002021
Roselin Alex50002021
Salmi Sebastian100002021
Sandeep Das300002021
Shanthi P Menon50002021
Sharrel Rebello100002021
Sharrel Rebello32502021
Sharrel Rebello32502021