Golden Jubilee Research Centre

The Golden Jubilee Research Centre of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda interacts between the faculty, scholars, students and industry to promote the research activities of the institution. The centre is the nucleus of knowledge creation and dissemination. The Research Centre is a rostrum of 18 scientists who works inside the centre while 7 scientists who work from other institutes. The research scholars in the centre work for their opportunities and academic excellence. The research centre is also supported by Communicable Disease Research Laboratory (CDRL). This research lab engages in collaborative research to conduct research training and research dissemination through creative endeavours. Under the strong supervision and guidance of Dr.Aneesh, the research centre with 12 research scholars conduct advanced scholarly activities. The students conduct research to address the real-world problems in the research centres of Mathematics, Chemistry, Commerce, and English.

Every year the centre conducts International or National seminars and workshops and to take up new guidance and encouragement for a new way of thinking. Along with the activities of the research centre, each department conducts international or national seminars to enhance the departmental activities. So far, the research centre has conducted twelve international seminars offering a learning opportunity for the researchers. The centre is in its potential growth to engage in more research activities to inform and gather knowledge about unknown things.

The research policy of the centres operated under the college are based on under empirical and theoretical concepts to promote ethical qualities in research and innovation. The centre promotes a cross-cultural environment by combining the scope of technology, research, and innovation. The centre also ensures to provide equal importance to community, development and culture. Centres assist in exploratory and experimental research ideas that help to respond to the challenges of the economy, management, and scientific crisis. The policy also provides prime importance to the issues of women and incentives of the national building process.

Research Policy @ St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda


The Golden Jubilee Research centre provides facilities that support technology for standard research in St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Irinjalakuda. The laboratories and the other first-class facilities offered in the college are a platform for researchers and scholars to achieve skill development opportunities. The labs can support the research system for experimental learning to promote strong academic and scientific knowledge.

For providing quality education, St Joseph’s College (Irinjalakuda) has its foundation based on GRACE (Guidance for Research and Assistance for Consultancy and Extension). The forum consists of eminent faculties, young and vibrant scholars, and an academic research committee for quality research outcomes. GRACE was founded and established in the year 2000 and is the stepping stone of today’s research prospects of St Joseph’s College.

CentreYear of
LInked page
Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences2000Details
Centre for Research in Chemical Sciences2009Details
Centre for Research in English LIterature2012Details
Centre for Research in Commerce2012Details
DepartmentName of the Research SupervisorsYear of Recognition as Research GuideName of the Research ScholarYear of registration of the scholarStatus
ChemistryBinsy Varghese V2018Jogcy John2020Ongoing
Deena Antony C2018Saritha V S2020Ongoing
Manoj A. L2018Jyothimol K P2021Ongoing
Bibitha Joseph2019Reshma P R2020Ongoing
CommercePhilo Francis2010Sanitha A.C2012Completed
Anil P.M2013Completed
Deepa Chandran2013Completed
Smitha Kumar A2013Completed
Susmitha Mohan M2013Completed
Sr. Rosa K.D2010Anitha K.2013Completed
Anjana V.M2013Completed
Cinni K.R2013Completed
Dhanya K.M2014Completed
Raji A.M2014Completed
Rebeena Alavudeen2014Completed
Jancy Davy2013Geetha G Nair2013Completed
Soumya Sreedhar V2013Completed
Deepthi P.V2014Completed
Josheena Jose2018Ancy Antony Vattoly2019Ongoing
Elizabeth Paul C2019Ongoing
Femi O.A2019Ongoing
Muvish K.M2019Ongoing
Sandhya G Nair2019Arun M.S2020Ongoing
Divyarani R.L2020Ongoing
Nisha P.S2020Ongoing
Remya S2020Ongoing
EnglishAsha Thomas2016Arathi A.M2016Ongoing
Amal Dev P.J2017Ongoing
Liza John Mundakkal2017Ongoing
Sandra Mariam Xavier2020Ongoing
MalaylamJency K.A.2019Ambika K.K2019Ongoing
Arshitha K.A2019Ongoing
HEERA T.M2019Ongoing
Lini K.L2020Ongoing
MathematicsMangalambal N.R.2003Geetha K V2003Completed
Rani M J2003Completed
Deepthi A N2009Completed
Mary Elizabeth Antony2009Completed
Sabna K S2010Completed
Sr. Lilly P.L.2008Antony P L2009Completed
Joju K T2009Completed
Saju M.I2009Completed
Ms.Vibitha Kochamani V2016Completed
Fijy Jose P2019Krishnadas Ashok2019Ongoing
Alphy Joseph2020Ongoing
Seena V2019Krishnapriya C R2020Ongoing
Sabna K S2019Dhnya V S2021Ongoing
Sinda Joy2021Ongoing
Pravas K2020Arathy K D2021Ongoing
PhysicsAnto P. L.2013Ranjith P. K.2013Ongoing
Benoy Anand2019Mary Joseph2019Ongoing
ZoologyAneesh E.M.2015Asha A V2015Ongoing
Fathibi K2015Completed
Lakshmi K V2015Ongoing
Lakshmi Jayakrishnan2016Ongoing
Anoop Kumar A N2017Completed
Sini Francis C F2019Ongoing
Kaavya K2020Ongoing
Anju U K2021Ongoing
Anis K.V.2019Reshma K. Ramachandran2019Ongoing
Athira K K2020Ongoing
Gigi Poulose2021Sibi K. K.2021Ongoing

The Research Advisory Committee of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), functions towards streamlining the quality of the research initiatives of the college. It is established as per the regulations issued by the University of Calicut with the Head of the Institution heading the committee and its activities. The committee functions on a basic GAP principle:

  • G- Guide; Guiding the research scholars and the guides on the basic necessities of conducting research on ethical grounds.
  • A- Advice; Advising the scholars and the aspirant on the routes and means to be followed to attain desirable results
  • P-Promote; promoting and inspiring other students and faculty into the field of research and advanced studies.

The committee has been constantly in action to sensitise the research scholars on the basic and mandatory requisites of conducting ethical and unique research strategies that lead to the evolution of exceptionally remarkable research articles from the institution. With the impeccable infrastructural facilities and unmatched subject expertise available at the disposal of the research scholars, the college is ready to quench the curiosity of the aspiring curious minds.