Department of Microbiology & Forensic Science

Department of Microbiology and Forensic Science,  St Joseph’s College Irinjalakuda was established in 2018 associated with the B.Voc Applied Microbiology & Forensic Science Programme crosslinking two interdisciplinary subjects viz, Microbiology & Forensic Science. The department aims to provide students with the knowledge of fundamental principles of forensic science, criminology, and microbiology that will provide a starting point for their higher studies and job careers ahead. Apart from the curricular activities students are encouraged in various extracurricular activities. The teaching-learning process is made more enthusiastic by adopting student-centric learning methods of seminars, assignments, industrial visits, exhibitions, ICT-enabled classrooms, each one teach one, group discussions, virtual labs, field trips, and live interactions with experts of the field. The department also inculcates a spirit of ethical, moral, and social values among the students through various activities. The culture of scientific research is promoted through projects on and off the campus in collaboration with various research laboratories across the country.


  • To make the students understand the need for microbiology in our daily life
  • To make the students understand the need for forensic science and legal procedures
  • To familiarize the students with the investigation techniques used in a crime analysis
  • To empower the students with highly sophisticated laboratory techniques and procedures
  • To lay the foundations of research in Microbiology & Forensics
Department of Microbiology & Forensic Science