Best Practice II- STEPS – STRETCH THYSELF TO ENLIGHTEN THE PEOPLE AND SOCIETY – A campus community connect initiative

Education leads to the overall development of the individual and St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda inspired with this motto as its mission has classified yet another attempt as its best practice -STEPS. This initiative aims to provide remarkable contributions to society through much needed support and proper assistance to the vulnerable and the downtrodden, thereby addressing their socio-economic problems in the most befitting manner. Through this, the students develop a sense of social and environmental consciousness that can drive them along their future endeavours as responsible citizens of the world. The practice is broadly implemented through four strategical moves:

  • Community Service
  • Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Proactive citizens
  • Conscientization and Capacity Building

Connecting the campus to the community is a bond that serves manifold benefits as well as challenges on its way to fulfilment. The college is proud of its accomplishments in this community connect practice with the results speaking in volumes of the success of the initiative and we believe that the accomplishments demand the true manifestations of the desired objectives through the restoration of a pure social value system among its practitioners.

Community Service

Kerala has been in a state of crisis during the past few years with natural disasters and pandemics knocking its door every once and then. The students involved in this practice of community service played a crucial role in transforming the frown of the victims to smiles of endurance during this era of distress. The college was able to garner not just the student community but also other associations and units of the institution thereby spreading a message of humanity, social values and commitment to the society at large. Opportunities in sustaining a healthy community through student volunteered medical camps and community awareness programs also became a part and parcel of this campus social activity.

Environmental Protection and Conservation

Appropriate actions are taken up to protect the environment by a three-pong process of recycling, reusing and composting. Envisaging the beauty of environment conservation for a healthy society, the college indulged in attempts like distribution of tree sapling, plastic free campaigns, awareness classes and a lot more other activities that conveyed the notions of respect and the need for preservation of the environment to the students making them more sensible in the use of resource and helped them become ambassadors of environmental protection.

Proactive citizens

A challenging activity ensued by the college for imparting the realization of civic duties among our students. So far, the college has proven successful in its attempts through financial, physical and relief support during the natural calamities like Okhi cyclone, Kerala Floods, the recent Covid-19 pandemic and for imparting a responsible traffic behaviour through awareness sessions on traffic rules. True patriotic sense was effortlessly instilled among the students by encouraging them to enrol in the Indian Army by the studious and inspirational functioning of the NSS and NCC units of the college.

Conscientization and Capacity Building

A growing mind needs constant support and guidance to develop into a healthy and matured personality. The college offers several skill enhancement and personality development sessions for the students to envisage on a fearless hunt in the wild world of employment. They are nurtured into self-confident and empowered individuals through ample opportunities of counselling and mentoring facilities in the college that turn them capable of handling inevitable failures that lurk in their journey to success.