Costume and Fashion Designing Lab

Costume and Fashion Designing Lab

The program B.Sc. Costume & Fashion Designing is a creative, practical oriented science comprises of
Textiles, Fashion Illustration and Garment Construction as its core subjects. The quality laboratories
of the department of Costume & Fashion designing are Sewing Lab, Textiles Lab, Pattern Making &
Draping Lab and CAD Lab.

Textile Lab:
This laboratory helps students to identify various fabrics and also to learn their properties. The
laboratory is equipped with Beasley’s Balance, Twist Tester, Crimp Tester, Crease Tester, Stiffness
Tester and Drape metre.

Sewing Lab:
It is a place where students convert the 2- dimensional fabric into 3-dimensional garments. The lab is
well equipped with electric sewing machines (JUKE).

Pattern Making & Draping Lab:
In this laboratory, students make patterns of the different garments. Students also drape garments
on dress forms which is another garment construction technique. The lab is equipped with dress
forms and pattern making tables.

CAD Lab:
The students go digital in creating designs here in the CAD lab. The lab is equipped with computers
installed with various designing soft wares.

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Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Academic Facilities