Counselling Centre of St Joseph’s College

Counselling Centre of St Joseph’s College

Darsana Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre of St Joseph’s is supportive in training and preparing the students to address the wide range of concerns in their daily lives. The place is a shedding centre of relationship problems, depression, career interests, academic concerns, and many other types of problems that the students encounter in and outside the campus. It’s a place of solace and succour to the students and also for outsiders who need support for their mental health. Two full-time counselors are working in the centre to avoid the breakdown of its students. Other than being a mere supporter, the centre creates self-confidence in students to solve the problems on their own in the future. We ensure the mental health of our students through a peaceful environment. The centre adopts a lot of extension programs like counselling, hospital counselling, awareness programs such as marriage preparation courses, extension classes, etc. A de-addiction centre is also attached along with the centre to support the drunkards for a bright future relieved from the addiction. Serving rather than a student support centre, Darsana Counselling Centre is dedicated to uniting the families by solving the problems of the students and their families for a peaceful and healthy future.

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Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Facility for Women