A snapshot of our world today would reveal a complex web of digital interactions that are ever increasingly spreading their wires of influence helping to conquer the distances through just one click. In this fast-changing environment, it is highly appreciable that St. Josephs College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda delivers a technologically competent learning and working environment in the campus that redefines the digital experience for its students and other stakeholders. We believe that the best way to incorporate the miracles of technology into the educational system followed in the institution is through its governance. The decentralised and participative governing mechanism when adorned with the gems of technology creates a transformed network of digital exchanges that levitates the institution to a realm of unbeatable quality.

Objectives of e-Governance

Adopting e-governance into the institutional framework came with a set of the following objectives that streamline the implementation of this initiative in full throttle:

  • Implementing e-governance shall make the institution more accountable to its stakeholders in all aspects of its functioning.
  • The services provided from the institution shall be geared up with e-governance to produce more efficiency in its working.
  • Complete erasure of errors thereby enhancing accuracy in the functioning of the institution through e-governance.
  • Fair and transparent means of operation aiding in the creation of stronger and doubt-free foundations to work upon.

The implementation of e-governance requires constant acquaintance with the recent and latest technological innovations in the educational scenario for unsurpassable rendition of educational experience from the institution. In order to expand the shades of this digital revolution, the college has segregated and focussed its implementation into four major areas that comprise of the administration, examination, admission and finally, the learning hub-Library.  Through this, the college underpins on every opportunity that falls on its route to self-progression and thereby aiding in the progression of all those dependent upon this institution for surviving the way of life conditioned by technological wave that has recently swept the world.

e-Governance Policy

Annual e-Governance Report