CPE Fund

UGC Fund

Asus Zenpad Labomed  Lx300 Binocular Led With Eyepiece Camera
Printer CM-12  Remi Cooling Microfuge
Computer Gadgets PCR
Seagate HDD Olympus Microscope CH20I
Monitor Canon Camera With Microscopic Adaptor
Router For Wifi Electro  phoresis Unit
Gel Documentation System BOD incubator
Body Composition Analyser

Autonomy Fund


Homogeniser Magcam DC 10 MC Digital Camera
Water Bath Rectangular(Double Alled- Ring Type) Labomed Monocular Microscope –LED Illumination
Digital Potentiometer Visible Spectrometer
Centrifuge Laminar Flow Cabinet
Binocular Compound Miniplus Horizontal System
Microscope Autoclave
Stirrer Hotplate Milli pore Ultra water Purification System
Variable Volume Microlitre Pipette Water bath
Dual Variable Power Supply Centrifuge Plastocraft
Variable Power Supply Lux Meter
Regulated Battery Eliminator Cum +/-15v Dual Supply Magnetic Stirrer
Metre Scale pH meter
Stop Watch Remi Orbital Shaking incubator
Transformer Rotary Shaker
Electronic Weighing Balance Distillation Unit
UV Transilluminator Thermo micropippete
Digital pH Meter Solar UPS
Digital Conductivity Meter Solar panel
Gel Rocker
Carey Fosters Bridge
Rheostat(Stead 2 ½” DIA)
Prism(Crown Glass)
Screw Guage
Almirah- 6 ½  X 34 ½
Almirah- 4 ½ X 33
Computer Without Monitor
Desktop Computer
Hard Disk
Computer Speakers
Laser Printer
Pen Drive
Wireless Mouse And Key Board
Computer Server
A3 Printer
Windows Operating System
Smith Machine
Portable Pa Systems
LCD Projector
Bluetooth Speaker (Audible To One Class Room)

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Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Academic Facilities