Internal Compliants Committee

Being a women’s only college, the safety and security promised by the institution becomes one of the prime factors for high student enrolment every year in this college. This is additionally boosted with the constitution of an active Internal Complaints Committee in the college that is intolerant to any form of discriminations and violence against women. The unit not just reduces the anti-social attacks based upon gender but also paves ways for the upliftment of the women community through sensitization programs, awareness sessions, workshops, seminars and invited talks. The unit ensures confidentiality and is approachable by any convenient means as considered appropriate by an aggrieved student for registering any complaints that fall under the jurisdiction of this cell.


  • Provide assistance if an employee or a student chooses to file a complaint with the police;
  • Provide mechanisms of dispute redressal and dialogue to anticipate and address issues through just and fair conciliation without undermining complainant’s rights, and minimize the need for purely punitive approaches that lead to further resentment, alienation or violence;
  • Protect the safety of the complainant by not divulging the person’s identity, and provide the mandatory relief by way of sanctioned leave or relaxation of attendance requirement or transfer to another department or supervisor as required during the pendency of the complaint, or also provide for the transfer of the offender;
  • Ensure that victims or witnesses are not victimised or discriminated against while dealing with complaints of sexual harassment; and
  • Ensure prohibition of retaliation or adverse action against a covered individual because the employee or the student is engaged in protected activity.

Process of making complaint of sexual harassment

  • An aggrieved person is required to submit a written complaint to the ICC within three months from the date of the incident and in case of a series of incidents within a period of three months from the elate of the last incident.
  • Provided that where such complaint cannot be made in writing, the Presiding Officer or any Member of the Internal Committee shall render all reasonable assistance to the person for making the complaint in writing:
  • Provided further that the ICC may, for the reasons to be accorded in the writing, extend the time limit not exceeding three months, if it is satisfied that the circumstances were such which prevented the person from filing a complaint within the said period.
  • Friends, relatives, Colleagues, Co-students, Psychologist, or any other associate of the victim may file the complaint in situations where the aggrieved person is unable to make a complaint on account of physical or mental in capacity.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Deena Antony, Presiding Officer,Faulty (Mob: +91 8547536120)
  • Ms. Anju Susan George, Member, Faculty
  • Dr. Jose Kuriakose, Member, Faculty
  • Ms. Jyothi A J, Member, Non Teaching Staff
  • Sr. Viji K P , Member, Non-teaching Staff
  • Ms. Sahala Thasni C K , Member, Student
  • Ms. Nelsa Joy, Member, Student
  • Ms. Ayilya V R,Member, Student
  • Ms Priya Antony, Member, NGO Representative
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