Jossine Reach

St. Joseph’s college always strives to uplift the community encircled along with its institutional development. Setting the main goal as ‘women empowerment’, it also aids in societal advancement. The college is committed to figurine out a generation who would take an active role in social activities serving the needs of the community in every crisis. Hence, the college initiated a platform called ‘Jossine Reach’ which aims to give remarkable contributions to society through supporting, assisting, and uplifting vulnerable groups. It is a social service wing of St. Joseph’s college, which is committed to addressing the problems and needs of the marginalized sections of society despite their caste, creed, community, and gender and also looks forward to ensuring sustainable development.The ‘Jossine reach’ has been addressing the needs and living conditions of women and men rebuilding and protecting what’s left of natural resources and the biodiversity within our ecosystems,providing community health support throughout pandemic situations through various activities, supporting affected people from natural calamities like flood, landslides and focuses on the common good by providing conscientization and trainings for capacity building.

The major intervention areas of Jossine reach are:

  • Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Gender Sensitization and Mainstreaming
  • Community Health
  • Disaster Response and Pandemic Mitigation
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Conscientization and Capacity Building

It also provides on the psycho-social support for students by giving counselling sessions on both academics and non-academic matters. Jossine Reach thus acts as a boosting platform of St.Joseph’s College for students as well as community.