Minority – Cell

The minority cell of St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda was institutionalized with the intentions of working towards the welfare of the minority community in the college. It organises and coordinates activities in the campus ensuring the equal and active participation of all. Additionally, it functions as a platform to address the grievances of this miniscule yet valuable community and aids in its upliftment through supportive initiatives in academic and non-academic aspects through the organised and planned efforts of the minority cell. Any aggrieved student can directly approach the cell or notify the members via the contact details provided to register their complaints and clarify any queries in its domain. 

Committee Members

  • Dr. Siji P D (Sr. Blessy), Principal (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Sinda Joy, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics (Convenor)
  • Ms. Limna Paulose, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce (Joint Convenor)
  • Ms. Moushami Mohammed Ali, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Students Representative

The Activities of the Cell

  • The Cell is committed to provide assistance for minority students through counselling, personality development, development of communication skill, remedial coaching, tutorial classes, preparatory classes for professional and employment purposes, etc.
  • Orientation Programme in English Language: This Programme is organized with a view to orienting students towards improving academic skill in English Language.
  • Orientation Programme in Business Mathematics & Statistics: This Programme is organized with a view to developing academic proficiency in Business Mathematics & Business Statistics.
  • Orientation Programme in Accounting (for non-commerce students): This Programme is organized for non-commerce students for imparting general idea on basic accounting at preliminary level.
  • Personality Development & Communication Skill: The basic objective of this scheme is to improve confidence & communication skill in competing in the practical filed.
  • Spiritual Empowerment: Apart from the weekly ethics sessions, spiritual empowerment talks are provided by experts to the non-Catholic students including the minorities like Muslims
  • Remedial Coaching: Remedial Coaching is organized with a view to (a) improving academic skills of the students in various subjects, (b providing a stronger foundation for further academic work, (c) strengthening their knowledge, and comprehension of subjects
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