Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab

Psychology laboratory is focused on students to collect data from participants using various psychological apparatus and tests. All the equipment in psychology lab resources are same as for a professional psychologist. The students are used to learn how psychological assessments are conducting as well as for their research purposes. The laboratory is well equipped for the B.Sc psychology students and also for the M.Sc. Psychology students. The tests in psychology laboratory are focused on assessment of personality, intelligence, aptitude, emotional states and other psychological variables. The students can become a good psychometrican by using these psychological tests. They can be placed in various institutions as psychometric assessment faculty.

Psychological tests in the laboratory

  • Bilateral transference
  • Memory drum
  • Tachitoscope
  • WAIS
  • TAT
  •  CPM
  • APM

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Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Academic Facilities