Skill Enhancement Programmes

Capacity Development & Skill Enhancement Programmes

In an age of constant change and development, professional industries demand more from scholars than mere educational qualifications. Scholars are in need to be geared with skills and professional knowledge that will aid them in keeping up with the fast pace and ever-developing industries, in turn helping them find balance between personal and professional life. With the Vision of nurturing generations ready to take up any challenge life or industry throws at them, St. Joseph’s college provides scholars with multiple opportunities to develop soft skills, language and communication skills, life skills and awareness of trends in technology. These programmes are organized by various departments under the guidance of professional and industry experts through workshops, invited talks, classes and on-field activities. It also provides international and national exposure through webinars and seminars.


Soft Skills

Soft skills are core skills that enable critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and professional attitude in scholars. These skills guide professionals across various industries at every level. The institution makes sure the scholars are equipped with these common skills through countless soft skill development programmes in the form of workshops, professional classes, invited talks and webinars organized across departments.

Report of the Soft Skill development programs conducted

Language and Communication Skills

Language and Communication skills being one of the most vital keys of career development, St. Joseph’s College deeply focuses on inculcating fruitful language and communication skills into scholars. The institution focuses on upgrading their language skills through coordinating several events like interactive lectures, orientation sessions and training by knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

Report of the Language and Communication Skill development programs conducted

Life Skills (Yoga, Physical fitness, Health and Hygiene)

Life skills are a game changing strategy into developing overall personality and mindset of a scholar. St Joseph’s College provides countless opportunities to develop new life skills that equip the scholars to cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life. The institution ensures to build resilient generations of responsible citizens who could contribute to the progress of the nation. NSS along with other departments are key platforms where various events like observance of international days, industrial visits and startup programmes are organized to instill life skills among the scholars.

Report of the Life Skill development programs conducted

Awareness of trends in technology

Upon realizing the need to adopt innovative trends in educational technology, the institution regularly organizes numerous National and international webinars, workshops, invited talks and awareness classes that enable the students to navigate through several technological tools to ensure career success. Various departments of the College steadily initiate several programmes wherein eminent resource persons and experts from professional fields are invited to share their experience and latest trends, thus leading the industry to the scholars. Workshops on Research Methodology, Entrepreneurial Development, Digital marketing, Data Analysis have proven beneficial for the students as they facilitate extensive learning and skill development.            \

Report of the programs conducted to enhance awareness of trends in technology